Today Is Not The Same

Today I woke up to a wonderful cool Wednesday morning
One where I hear the birds sing and the crickets chirp
I wake from the same bed in the same room, but I know
Today is not the same

I leave my room and walk towards the kitchen
Passing the empty rooms which were full of laughter
I'm used to being left behind, but I know
Today is not the same

My friends leave me for home because home is near
Every holiday I spend here, I spend alone
They are usually back in a week or two, but I know
Today is not the same

Intuition guides me to the balcony & the spectacle beyond
A panorama: the brightening sky, the yellow glow of the college, the green of the grounds
It has always been there for me to enjoy, but I know
Today is not the same

I have been shaped by the individuals & personalities here
And like Si Tenggang I have emerged with a strange knowledge
I have been very comfortable as a student, but I know
Today is not the same

I pack the same old belongings in the same old bags
The trophies, the gifts, the pictures... they move me
I walk out a well-worn door and feel a deep deep loss because I know
It will never be the same again.

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  1. we, cohort 1s really know how that feels... esp those who were the last to leave the college. Thank God i was not the last... Degree years are the best. even if u return back as a student, but a postgrad one, it will not be as fun and as meaningful. it will never be the same...

  2. Do you know remember that I said about not getting those feelings yet? Well, that's it. U made me feel it. The shouting, the laugh, the bitching, the gaming moments, the watching u guys playing Big 2 moments, the times that people nags, the early mornings where people queue up for shower, the group dinner downstairs, the American Footballs time, the Sessions, the 1 minute of silence on Valentine, the crazy things we do, the fights, the tensions we had, the phantom, the balcony barbecue, the sound that Zaini makes with his zippo and lotsa other stuff. They just flashed back to me, one by one. ...................................

  3. i used to feel good going back home. but last sunday wasnt quite the same. the feelings were different bcoz i know the fact that im leaving that place for good. everything came while i did my packing, and it made me cry. *shoo dont tell anyone about that yea =P*. but seriously im starting to miss everything that nas mentioned up there.. *sob sob*

  4. guess that dorm holds a lot of memories . which school are you going to be teaching in ?

  5. Azzy:
    We are allowed to be more carefree and innocent (ignorant).

    Those moments will stay with us for the rest of our lives...

    Me too, bro...
    Feeling you...

    I dont know.
    It hasnt been decided yet.
    Maybe in the next few days...

  6. Hey Koko~

    When i was in secondary school, i had the same feelings as you do too. The memories of us working together, helping each other, partying and stuffs flashed back until now!
    But i'm sure you guys will be okay as long as you all keep in touch with one another.
    Chill Koko!! :)

  7. like the poem - or what do you call it- can i quite the poem and used in my video. Huhu, i feel the same too... eventhough it's just in Marjon...

  8. typo error - quote.. not quite

  9. Jessica:
    I'm sure we'll keep in touch!
    Facebook here we come!

    Go ahead, bro!
    Honoured to be quoted!
    Remember to credit the source!

  10. i went back yesterday b4 i left to Klang for Nas' engagement. it was a mix feeling. im happy that i finally leave that place. but im so gonna miss u guys. i had so much fun living with u guys. ive never actually expected that we hv such a great time. i always hate IPBA, but i do love u guys. im gonna miss the days when we just talk shit there. anyway, better days ahead. strive for the best!!

  11. Same here...
    I have my qualms about IPBA but having such great friends like the boys really does sweeten everything up.
    All the best to you too!

  12. I hate this feeling..where we had to leave things dat we love...where we had to walked out for the feels sux..i wanna stay young forever..enjoy with all frens here in IPBA....but i know one day it wud not b d same 2...sob3..:(

  13. never really liked going back home...and now you made me feel a good way though. nice piece

  14. I think you have been really brave to spend your past few term breaks in IPBA when everyone else were back home. For all its worth, I'm glad you stayed back during Raya and Deepavali. We would never have been able to do the PD-Genting-Malacca thing if you had gone home.

    The bond that you share with your boys will only grow stronger next year provided that efforts are made to sustain the friendship. Parting is part of growing up, and when you start working, you may realize that your friends back in college are going to be your bestest buddies for life.

    Anyway, thanks again for everything.


  15. Idzrul:
    Yeah.. I know how you feel, bro...
    But having left a few places that I have been comfortable in.
    Exp: Kuching or KL, KL for NZ, NZ for KL & now KL for dont know where...

    I can say that it is all part of moving forward in life...
    Since I cant change it...
    I might as well enjoy it...
    And I have enjoyed it...
    I made the best of my final year in IPBA...
    Now I can look back to some great memories!

    I'm sure you will have great memories too!

    Thanks, bro...
    See you on Xbox live!!

    I'm glad that I stayed back too...
    Instead of spending RM600 on return tickets to Kuching, I might as well spend half the ammount exploring semenanjung!
    And thanks for doing it with me!
    I discovered so many wonderful place that I might know even have known without you!


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