Today Is Not The Same

Today I woke up to a wonderful cool Wednesday morning
One where I hear the birds sing and the crickets chirp
I wake from the same bed in the same room, but I know
Today is not the same

I leave my room and walk towards the kitchen
Passing the empty rooms which were full of laughter
I'm used to being left behind, but I know
Today is not the same

My friends leave me for home because home is near
Every holiday I spend here, I spend alone
They are usually back in a week or two, but I know
Today is not the same

Intuition guides me to the balcony & the spectacle beyond
A panorama: the brightening sky, the yellow glow of the college, the green of the grounds
It has always been there for me to enjoy, but I know
Today is not the same

I have been shaped by the individuals & personalities here
And like Si Tenggang I have emerged with a strange knowledge
I have been very comfortable as a student, but I know
Today is not the same

I pack the same old belongings in the same old bags
The trophies, the gifts, the pictures... they move me
I walk out a well-worn door and feel a deep deep loss because I know
It will never be the same again.

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