Google Maps Extensively Covers Malaysia

I was looking for directions to an unfamiliar place...
So I went on Google Maps like I have always done in New Zealand.

It was reliable to me in the white man's country & I expected it to provide me with a basic map of the general area.
Boy did I get a shock when I discovered that the map I received for a secluded location in Kuching was just as accurate & detailed as a map I would get for a street in New Zealand!

It was so accurate that all names are actual names & not English translations.
Lorong this, Jalan that, Taman this, Lebuhraya that & etc.
It is also so detailed that small lorongs, landmarks, LRT stations, schools & hospitals are even on the map!

And the best part is...
I could even get directions from one place to another!
Google Maps rocks!

To all Malaysians out there...
Now you got a reliable easy-to-use map free on the net!


  1. haha.. long time didn't come and post a comment...

    Just came back from Singapore and my hometown at Pahang.... Have a very relaxing trip to Singapore and celebrate a fullmoon party with my cousin...

    Google Maps sometimes confusing me a lot... My dad always want me to search a place from the internet.. i try at Google.. But sometimes very headache... Haiz.

  2. Awesome! But people like me will always keep reliable map book in our cars.

    (Map books make good reads too, especially when waiting for someone to dress up or fix their hair! *ehem*

  3. Rachel:
    I bet you had a great time with your family!

    Google Maps is a good tool once the get the hang of it.

    You are very clever woman indeed!

  4. hihi mr.yong~~
    i wanna ask u..
    wt hpn 2 ur friendster account?
    being hacked by someone else?
    reply me pls..

    *sin yan*

  5. oh..i just read ur blog post bout d friendster thing... i knew..
    u deleted it~

  6. haha.. i did have a good time with them... Baby Jonathan like to pee on my shirt when i carry him!!!

    Haha.. maybe i still duno how 2 use the google map... need time..
    BTW, i m leaving for NS next week.

  7. Sin Yan:
    No worries!

    All the best!
    Take good care of your health!

  8. I always get confused tho.
    I guess I aint a good map reader. XD

  9. You just need more practise & someone patient to guide you.
    It's a breeze & a necessity!

  10. I see Muara Tabuan!!!huyeaaah.

    Merry X'Mas dude!


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