Rethink: Christmas

Watch this video FIRST.

Ever since I accepted Jesus & followed his teachings, I have often pondered the significance of all these "Christian" holidays.
They seem to be all about buying something for someone & spending money!

Thinking about it...
Instead of an item, let's give something that someone really needs.
Something simple that it is usually forgot.
Something that is somehow significant surprisingly.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Awesome video.

    In general, I think people do realize that Christmas and all other festive seasons are getting more about buying gifts and new clothes rather than about worshiping and spending quality time with family.

    But we still allow ourselves to be sucked into the consumerism because it is difficult to break a habit.

    This year, I simply away from the malls during the Christmas sales and it has worked wonders on my purse.

    Here's what I'll give you for Christmas; a good conversation. And a back massage that you could claim for later. Hehe.

    Merry Christmas darls. Hope to see you soonish.


  2. Meaningful video...
    I like it...

    Our church oso buying some useful things to the orphan... Hahaha... Saw the kids so happy, i oso feel happy...

  3. Merry Christmas Jarod..

  4. When we are getting more mature, spending time together with our loved ones is indeed more meaningful than expensive gifts.

    Merry Christmas, Jarod :)

  5. oh great vid! merry christmas jarod!and where did you get posted to bro?

  6. Trish:
    Thanks for the wonderful gift, babe...
    I'm glad my family is not into the comercialism too...
    If not, I'll be forced to do it too!

    Sometimes you do realise that giving is more blessed than receiving.

    Thanks, bro!

    Thanks, bibi!

    Thanks, Jam...
    But apparently I wont know where I'm posted until 5 Jan.


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