Back Where It All Started

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After completing my tertiary education, here I am back where it all started.
Kuching, Sarawak my hometown & where I have spent the past 3 quarters of my life.
In the process of becoming a graduate, I have been taken to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & Wellington, New Zealand.
Within that 5.5 year process, I made holiday forays into New Zealand, Australia, Thailand & West Malaysia.
I have also made some lasting friends who will be comrades in the struggle to educate a reluctant generation.
In summary, I have had a very fulfilling time at the institute & at university.

Now, I am home and having a breather after a tough tough time back in Kuala Lumpur.
Where will I be working at next year?
I don't know. I don't even have a clue. It is not my decision.
I have nothing to do but wait for a letter from the government that contains the location of my teaching service.

I can try to pull cables... but why bother my parents even more?
I want to be independent of everything but God.
I want to be a man of my own making.
I want to look back after another 6 years & be able to say, I made it even when the odds were against me.

I want to live.
I want to thrive.
But not necessarily the easy way.
Life is not easy, why cheat myself?

Maybe when I'm older & ready to settle down...
I will choose a place to grow my roots.
I will choose a lady to love & seed.
I will choose to nurture & grow a tree.


  1. You will thrive wherever you go... Most importantly and whats most rewarding is that you will inspire wherever you go.

    Good luck Jarod! Look forward to knowing where you'll be posted! curiosity's killing me too!!!

  2. I wish you best of luck Koko!

  3. A very nice way of looking at life. Not many people are positive like you, Jarod. All the best with the posting!

  4. Fay:
    You are curious for me?

    You will definately find out where I am going because I will post it up on my blog first thing!!


    In order to live a good life...
    I have to make it good...
    Although I do see the bad...
    And it sucks.

    Let's hope that I manage to stay positive throughout the years!

  5. hihi...
    i'm sin yan~
    what hpn 2 ur friendster ohh..?

  6. SinYan:
    I think you should read this.
    It explains everything.

  7. Okay, based on a better estimation after being linked to this post from the latest post, and a basic calculator, u have been a teacher for 5 years! So, are you at the life stage where you want to be right now? :)

    1. Life stage? I am nowhere near my highest aspirations.
      I'm a blasting rocket waiting to be released so I can launch. Just waiting for the transfer at the end of the year.

    2. "Maybe when I'm older & ready to settle down...
      I will choose a place to grow my roots.
      I will choose a lady to love & seed.
      I will choose to nurture & grow a tree."

      I pray that your three wills will come true. but really, a tree?? umm... a mango tree would be nice. some nice and sweet mangoes for dessert with vanilla ice-cream, yummy!

    3. I believe I was speaking metaphorically.

    4. yeah i know. just find tht it's a beautiful description of the future u hv in mind.


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