Malaysians & Time

If a Malaysian were to agree to a meeting/appointment/date at a certain time, you can almost always expect them to be late...
Thus the well-known term 'Malaysian Time' which is +1/+2 hours from the predetermined meeting time.

But the most important question in the whole wide world is...
How late will the person be?

I don't mind that people are late.
We are all human & sometimes we cant help it.
But I cannot accept someone giving you the idea that he/she will be there soon when that someone knows that he/she will not be able to honour the agreed meeting time for a long duration.
Even 30 mins qualifies as a long duration.

Besides appointments, some Malaysians also lie about being late when it comes to deadlines.
Even an office where you would expect efficiency & accountability can make you wait week after week with great expectations for more than a month.

All I need is a realistic assessment of the duration that I will have to wait.
Be it 2 hours or 1 month, I would appreciate an honest approximation.
With this knowledge of truth, I can find some other ways to entertain myself so that my wait would not be as long & torturous.
I will also be less offended by your lateness too.

But then again...
The ideal would be for all of us to be punctual...
Be it Malaysian or not.

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