Malaysians & Time

If a Malaysian were to agree to a meeting/appointment/date at a certain time, you can almost always expect them to be late...
Thus the well-known term 'Malaysian Time' which is +1/+2 hours from the predetermined meeting time.

But the most important question in the whole wide world is...
How late will the person be?

I don't mind that people are late.
We are all human & sometimes we cant help it.
But I cannot accept someone giving you the idea that he/she will be there soon when that someone knows that he/she will not be able to honour the agreed meeting time for a long duration.
Even 30 mins qualifies as a long duration.

Besides appointments, some Malaysians also lie about being late when it comes to deadlines.
Even an office where you would expect efficiency & accountability can make you wait week after week with great expectations for more than a month.

All I need is a realistic assessment of the duration that I will have to wait.
Be it 2 hours or 1 month, I would appreciate an honest approximation.
With this knowledge of truth, I can find some other ways to entertain myself so that my wait would not be as long & torturous.
I will also be less offended by your lateness too.

But then again...
The ideal would be for all of us to be punctual...
Be it Malaysian or not.


  1. yeah. i don't really like waiting either.

    its easy to dismiss what you said by saying : "oh, everybody does it." and its just him or her, it may even include you and me

    but really la, nobody is supposed to be late for anything be it appointments, classes, or homeworks in the first place,then everybody can be happy, don't you think? =)

  2. Is it about the posting?

    If yes, I found out that this torturous waiting has made me realize my hidden talent ... I did a cross-stitch to fill up my time :D

  3. =) I think this is familiar based on a true scenario below.

    A, B, C and D are to go out for a movie. A is the driver, B, C and D stays together in another building. The time to go out SHOULD be at 4.30pm.

    At 4.30pm, A called B because no one was by his/her car.
    B in groggy voice say "Yeah, I'm coming.. coming already.. wait."

    At 4.45pm, A called B again but no one answered. A called C.

    C said "B said coming? He/she just went to take a shower!"
    A asked, "Where is D?"
    C said, "D? Wait I check... (heard some ruffling noise through the mobile. And then heard this) Oi, D! Wake up la.. A calling already... B went to take a shower. You better go in after that. (speaks back to A) Er hello? A, can you give us a few more minutes ah. we are coming already."

    =) At the end, A, B, C and D left at 5.30pm with an extra friend, E.

  4. Hey Koko..
    Tam's story is so so so so interesting cause it happens all the time! :P

    Well, i have another good example. Last week i was involved in my cousin brother's wedding, and during the dinner, we (the 'hengtai' n 'chimui') went as early as 4pm to get all the stuffs ready. The dinner was supposed to start at 7.30pm, but at that moment, only 25 of 55 tables were full and we had to wait until about 8.45pm for the dinner to start because the invites were late!
    SUPER kesian the couple.. Wahaha..

    Good luck on your posting Koko!! :D

  5. Najib:
    Yea, I dont mind waiting for ppl who are late~~
    I just hate them promising to arrive at any moment when they are actually going to be late for a longer time.

    Yeah, half of it is about posting...
    But mostly about my experience living with a very very late Malaysian for 5.5 years...
    My rant~

    The magic of time, eh?
    Ppl who wait get more!

    Well... I dont think that they'd mind...
    Coz their mind is on what's going to happen AFTER the dinner...
    I know mine will...


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