The Something Missing In My Life

Dont get me wrong...
I'm happy with my life...
I'm happy with my love life...
I'm happy with my studies...
I am generally a very satisfied person...

But when I think about it...
My life is far from perfect...
There is always that something missing...
It bugs me when I wake up in the morning...
It bugs me when I have my coffee in the afternoons...
It bugs me when I make my bed at night...

I miss making myself breakfast with all the bacon, sausages & eggs...
I miss the raw & wet taste of fresh lettuce cleaned, cut & stuffed into a ham sandwich...
I miss the lazy weekends when I just grabbed any leftover produce in the fridge & put it all into a pot of yummy steamy broth or stew...
I miss the feeling of cold full cream milk massaging its way down my throat...

All these dreams & desires can never be satiated where I live at now... It is not allowed...
But if only I had that one thing required to materialise my great gastronomic fantasy...
Oh, how happily fat I would be!
Oh, If only I had... a fridge.

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God, I cant wait to get my own place with a fridge!
I cant wait to be released from this freaky fridgeless prison!


  1. aiyoo..i completely understand how u feel... coz im staying in a freakin fridge-less hostel too!!..hahah.. but i will b moving into a house with a fridge SOON! n i just cant wait!!!!

  2. jarod can't you do something about ipba's hostel (riot or whatever LOL) i think the time has come for them to understand about this. We are not high school kids leaving in dorms we are student-teachers. Aigo... can't imagin myself in your place; which will happen in few months time.

  3. I LOL-ed real hard when I saw the last part.

  4. you really want a fridge ...
    you just have to wait till december ...
    or something ...
    then you can see it at your home sweet home ...

  5. Home sick.
    * Nice fridge!!! that can put many chocolates and candy..

  6. haha!
    dun dream lol!
    wake up wake up!
    haha! the fridge was so special! 
    cool!a new design!
    ur house didnt have fridge meh?

  7. oh babe. of all things!
    we'll get a fat fridge for you later okay? and you can happily make breakfast for me. hehe.

    one thing i cannot imagine myself leaving without....a washing machine. i love my nails too much!

  8. Azzy:
    You moved from a lousy hostel into another lousy hostel!

    Well... being away from this place for 3 years...
    I dont see any improvements...
    The toilets that didnt work 3 years ago, still dont work.
    Same thing with the broken doors, blocked sinks & bathrooms.

    I'm pretty sure the government allocates a budget for hostels every year...
    3 years of government money...
    Where did it go?

    And just like 3 years ago...
    HEP is still more concerned on student discipline 'problems' than student welfare.
    We have compained to HEP & filled in repair forms, still nothing has been done.
    I dont think I can do anything about it.
    I cant be bother to break my back since I wont be staying here any longer.

    The only people who have the political power for change are the MPP...
    You should ask one of them for help when you get back.
    Although I think they are more willing to put away their good relationship with their peers than the HEP.


    I'm not homesick...
    I am in need of good nourishment.
    And you are right when you say that I will be home in December.
    Over there, everything is provided!


    No, it does not.

    I hand wash my clothes...
    So I can do without a washing machine.
    But I cannot live without good food!
    So I need a fridge!!!

  9. agreed ...
    best of all , you don't have to pay ...
    but your parents have to ...

  10. Hmph.. Our fridge got problem now ler~~

  11. Hope you will be getting a fridge soon because cooking by yourself is always the best. As you can have the taste you want.

  12. har!
    no ah! then how u all keep the food or drinks?

  13. how the hostel didn't 'sedia sekali' with the fridge????

    i tot all hostel have a fridge?????

  14. Oooohhh, I can't agree more, Jarod!

    Fridges are the baseline for my sanity! How else to shop and store?

    You have officially gained THE WISDOM!

  15. Vio:

    Get it fixed...


    I dont keep perishable items in the hostel.
    We have a cafe that provides cooked food but I think it is too oily & after a while you really do get bored of the selection.

    This is a GOVERNMENT hostel.
    If you get a PRIVATE hostel... maybe...

    Yes, I am a seer now!!

  16. but actually your parents' money is kind of yours ...
    you give them money and they spend it ...
    so secara tidak nyata ...
    that's your money

  17. then, u will study hard and get a private hostel.. no fridge no rachel... hahaha

  18. **I will study hard to get into a private colledge!!!

  19. Vio:
    My parents have got their own money...
    I dont think they will EVER need my money...
    Just like how I wont ask them for money once I start working~~

    Good on you!


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