Farewell Goodies From SMK Puteri Titiwangsa

During my last days in SMK Putri Titiwangsa, both the students & teachers expressed their appreciation towards my colleagues & I.
They blessed us with gifts & entertained us with farewell parties!
I would like to acknowledge these kind people here on my blog.

My class, 1 Maju, threw me & my colleagues an awesome party with water balloons and lots of junk food.
I have been entertaining them for 12 weeks so it is fair for them to entertain me at least once...

Aimi's class, 1 Jaya, also threw a party for us the next day...
they wanted to compete with 1 Maju...
It was good, but I preferred the party by 1 Maju.
The party by 1 Maju was better organised & the students were really sporting.

I received cards from May Wan, Chin LiYing, Sarah Aiysha & The Lower 6 Students.
Thanks for your encouraging words!
It has brought a smile to my face!

I received gifts from SinYan (1 Maju), Vanessa (1 Maju) & Nur Najuah (4ERT).
Thanks for your gifts!
I love them & will definitely be bringing it to my future school!

I received choc raya cookies from Nur Amirah.
I don’t know which class you are from because you surprised me at the car.
Thank you for the cookies!
They were delicious!

The teachers also showed their appreciation:
Many encouraged us with kind words & jokes.
Pn Mary gave me a mini-stapler which will come in handy.
Cik Faridah gave me a stamp which says 'improved'. It will be put to good use with my future students.
A few teachers joined together to give me a brand new shiny ball-point pen!
They are: Tamil Selvi, G. Selvi, Aliza, Suzieany, Azita, Lee MuiYoke, Lim GuatBee, Koh PeakKee, ChinSien, Yap ChiewLan, Cheng KimLin, Goh BoonKiat, Ng GeokLeong, Lim SiewKoon & Add.

The Most Creative Gift

The most creative gift is a letter that came in the form of a really frustrating puzzle.

click on picture to read

Here is my response...

The Most Useful Gift
The most useful gift is a nail clipper from the farewell party organised by 1 Jaya.
I have been looking for the perfect nail clipper and I have always been disappointed with what I could find in Malaysia.
Thanks 1 Jaya! You completed my search!
This nail clipper will be my best grooming tool in the years to come!

Thank You, SMK Putri Titiwangsa!
I will really miss you!
The memories we share, I will cherish too!

Take care! Do your best!


  1. it is always nice to have students appreciate our effort as teachers... :) and us teachers making a difference or just being a part of their lives :)

  2. Anonymous7/10/08 20:08

    so many gifts ...
    wow ...
    have you tried weighing them ?
    ha ha ...

    maju class pro at making fun party mah ...

    try to use a nail failer lah ...
    ( i dunno how to spell "failer" )
    it is nicer ....

  3. Anonymous7/10/08 22:20

    Sir.. Lots of gifts.. Wow!!!

    Mine.. I didn't gt the time to gave to u guys... haha.. sorry...

  4. Haha, i wanna ur add, so that i can send u present, but u dun gv wo, this last day of u in smkpt i asked for ur add but u DUN GIVE.. Argh.. nvm.. if u really wan to giv me in the future or anything pls send ur add or any hz detials to my email, cute_fairy_princess@hotmail.com!! Good!! Please do it ya! Erm, i am so dissapointed, nothing much bout me.. WUWU~~ nvm.. i am not so small hearted anyway. Er~~ I will miss u too d.. 1 maju will surely miss u one lar~~ Er~~ okay la.. 12.30 d la.. tmr got school ler~~ BYE!!


  5. hehe..so~
    nw u cnt deny dat VCYZ is a vry vry vry creative person lo..!! ^^
    ur most welcum..act i kinda 4gt wat i wrote 2 u in dat thing d, it was a lot n confusin 4 me too~~

    fyi, i think i told u dis in 1 of da notes bt im gonna tell u again..
    da box which was used 2 keep dose notes, dat box i did it ALL BY MYSELF lehh...
    all da measurin, decoratin etc..
    9s rite..??sure damn 9s 1 lar~ hope u wnt throw dat present at least 4 1 yr o so..

    thx again & ur welcum!

  6. your students really appreciate ur teaching. it always feels good to see ur students improving and appreciate wat u teach them eh? plus they should be paying even more attention when there's such a handsome teacher teaching in front of them everyday. hehe...

  7. Jane:
    Everyone likes free stuff!

    I dont think I know what that is...
    Thanks for the suggestion though~

    No worries!
    We had more than enough to feel appreciated!

    at least your picture is there~

    You made everything yourself!
    I'll definately be keeping it for more than a year!

    I hope they are paying attention to what I want them to pay attention to~~

  8. Ya, AT LEAST ritE?? ok.. appreciate it.

  9. Anonymous8/10/08 20:10

    i don't know how to explain what it is ...
    but it is a good gromming tool ...
    ask your gf to recommend you some nail grooming tools lah ...

  10. arghhh!!
    how dare 1 jaya wanna compte usz!!!!
    i'm so so so angry..
    n feel wanna kill dem 2...

    no worries.. at least u like our farewell prty..


  11. awww your students really love you huh? The appreciation looks overwhelming... good on you. I honestly think you're gonna be a great teacher someday! the girls are so cute.. making all those lil presents and giving you candies, u really got em' bad ;)

    ps- Jarod, i think what Vio means is a nail filer..u've seen it be4..it helps to shape the nails ;)

  12. Liz:
    Ah, nail filer...
    Not my thing...
    Somehow I keep imagining grandma's doing their pedicures!

  13. 对啊,我就是你1 maju的学生。也是送你礼物的其中一位啊!希望你还记得我吧...我是sin yan啦...你懂我的。头发长长的。描述得还好吧...你喜欢我送你的礼物吗?希望你喜欢吧。是我的一番心意哦!你骗我的吧..你根本就懂华文啊!还在我的部落格留华文留言咧!算了吧...希望你明白我的留言咯~不明白的话告诉我吧~~随时愿意翻译的~~哈哈~~(^^)开玩笑..你本来就懂~

  14. SinYan:
    Yeah I remember you!

    Thanks for your gift!
    I'm going to put a really good picture in it!


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