I Am 'Selebriti Kesayangan' Someone

For the past few days my blog has been receiving a lot of traffic from a Malaysian online forum, Cari Forum.
This is very peculiar because traffic was quite substantial for a website that I have no connections with.
So I checked it out.

This is what I found:
On Friday, 7 October 2008 (last week) at 05:02PM, someone posted a picture from my blog onto Cari Forum.
I published the picture on my blog in 2006 under 'My First Raya In Wellington'.
The picture was taken in 2006 during the Hari Raya open-house of the Malaysian High Commission in Wellington, New Zealand.
The title of the thread on Cari Forum is 'Foto Difoto Terfoto Memoto' with the subtitile 'Thread Foto Selebriti Kesayangan Anda'.

This is the picture:

With me in this picture is Liz.
Apparently someone out in cyberspace thinks that either Liz or me or both of us are celebrities.
This is hilarious!
Thanks for the compliment, dude!


  1. i vote for the GIRL!!!shes hot!!

  2. har!
    paise lah!
    i though she is......

  3. hi ...
    ha ha ...
    the person really has such taste ...
    i think i know why the person post the photo ...
    cause ...
    the pose that kak liz made was kind of like Michelle Yoh's ...
    i have seen her strike this pose in the newspaper ...
    wearing the same coloured clothing ...
    and the same smile ...

  4. So cool.. people actually thought that you were a celeb?!?! Maybe it's because of that girl.. joking :P

  5. hahaha Jarod, i vote you since nobody vote you yet, hahahaha.

  6. dude, i checked the forum out, almost 99% percent of the topics are about hot malaysian WOMEN celebrity..gotta give her props..she does look like a celebrity.:D

  7. the girl looks like one of the host for wanita hari ini. is she your friend?

    hey jarod, maybe its that same horny man who called you who posted that pic on the forum.

  8. Everybody thinks it's the girl~~
    Including me~~
    Most of the geeks online are pervy guys looking for pictures of hot chicks to jerk off to anyway~~

    But I dont think that she's a celeb...
    She's a good friend who is studying accounting at VUW.
    I worked with her as MCs for an event once & we've been keeping in touch online.

    When I told her, she took some time off from assignments to have a good laugh at this~~

  9. You bet i had a good laugh! haha I seriously thot u were pulling a prank on me... Ahaha ;P Jarod, just so u know, i showed the link to my (girl) friends and all of their first reactions were : "OMG!" and then "So.., who's the hot guy?"

    It could be you, u know..~ lol!

    izzy : thanks for the compliment ;)
    vio : Really..? =) i like Michelle Yeoh..she's awesome ;)

    Keep rocking J!

  10. haha.. sir. astually u looks like a celebrity

  11. awaklah selebriti kesayangan saya.


    btw, Liz is hot! =P

  12. =)
    Thanks girls~~
    But I wont let this get into my head...

    This is just something useful for sharing a laugh with buddies!

  13. Aiyo!
    Of course la.
    You're so good looking.
    She's so pretty.
    No wonder look like celebrities la! =D

  14. i think both of u are gorgeous... ur a model ain't u? lol... how r things... haf not heard anything bout u in the model world lately.. :S

  15. hahaha~~
    Thanks for your comments, bro~

    I'm currently working on my studies~~
    Dont have much time to spare for modeling~~

    It's unlikely that I will be available for anything until the end of December...
    Freaking lots of government courses!

  16. dude, you're totally a celeb now. be wary of stalkers


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