Happy 51st Birthday, Malaysia!

To All Malaysians:
Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Ke-51!

To All Non-Malaysians:
Today, marks the 51st anniversary of my country's independence from British rule.

To Everyone:
Keep your eyes on the Malaysian political scene because it is about to peak!
We may be free from outside rule...
But on the inside, we might just experience a whole new level of freedom!

I love Malaysia!


  1. YEA!!!
    MERDEKA!!! (x7)
    1 Maju's Photo!!!
    I saw Fatin, Hazimah, Van n Steph!!!

  2. Anonymous31/8/08 22:33

    wohoo ...
    merdeka ...
    i love it ...
    cause we will have holiday ...
    no need to go to school !

    nice photo ...
    n ...
    i m not in it !
    yeah !

    Happy Merdeka !!!

  3. cheers bro.
    all i hope is that the righteous and the brave will rise and emerge victorious from this struggle,
    and lead us to freedom,
    like Jesus does!

  4. Oh my.. oh oh oh my..
    Hey.. u know what?? when i saw this topic "Happy 51st Birthday, Malaysia", i tot it was nothing.. n tat time, the picture is still unload.. so.. i just tot it is nothing..

    not until i look at those comments... i was like.. Wuah.. a simply topic also have 3 comment?? so i just click in it n here i am.. i saw the 1st comment from oniyen.. WHAT??saw me..van.. fatin n hazimah??
    N.. so OMG.. i am so nervous..
    Eee.. that time the picture is STILL UNLOAD!! n then.. i was waiting waiting.. waiting for the picture to load!! n ...fuhh..so lil oni izzit??? if not because of oniyen's coment i think i also wont notice that is me ler~~ hehee..

    BY the WAY..
    Thankz n NICE picture!! whoo!!
    Good photographer!! hehee


  5. Yen & Violacea:

    I guess as normal citizens, we hope for the best but prepare for the worst!


  6. Wuah wuah wuah.. i wrote so much.. n u just reply me..

    How could ya??

  7. what more should i say?

  8. Eee.. dunno ler~ but shouldn't a thank you oni.. should put 1000x thank you.. hehe.. Jkjk!!

  9. Thank you thank you!! hehee..
    Thankz for praising..!

  10. Being away from malaysia, somehow made me a little insensitive to what's happening in our homeland... but your simple post somehow struck me that i DO care about what's stirring in malaysia now...

    i like how u put it, "we may be free from outside rule... But on the inside, we might just experience a whole new level of freedom!"

    i do pray that great good will come out from all the current commotions and God will continue to watch over our dear Malaysia...

  11. Me too, Felicia...
    Me too...


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