Monday, August 25

The Schoolday After The Holiday

Today is Monday.
Today is the first working day after a holiday.
Many people in the country would agree with me that this day is quite a miserable day.
After a week of relaxing & sleeping in...
I have to stay up late to think of lessons that will help my students understand & apply what I am trying to teach them, wake up early in the morning to go to school, manage classrooms of restless students who have been bored by other teachers all day & help them learn a langauge that many of them dont seem to have much interest in.

I was feeling somewhat down as I stepped into the staffroom...
And I was utterly shocked to arrive at my desk...
This was what I discovered...

Wen & ShinYi is baking again!
Now they have given Nesa, Shim & I a chocolate chip muffin each!

They were delicious!
It really did made my day & encouraged me!
Thanks, girls!

Dont feel like you have to continue baking for us, okay...
I dont mind if this is your last gift.
Although I would be more than happy to recieve more!
But no pressure, okay?

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