A Much Needed Break

Life was getting exhausting for me & a good quality holiday is more than due.
It has been 7 weeks of teaching where every lesson had to be intricately planned & carried out with great meticulacy...
In between that, a 1 week of mid-practicum seminar where we listened to long speeches...
Adding to the above: overseeing the planning for a post-practicum seminar which is has been going on painfully for the last 3 weeks & will continue to go on until the end of practicum.
As you can see, a good rest is very very welcome.

Therefore, this is the itinerary for my 1 week holiday:

Mon-Wed: 5 Monkeys back in Melaka

The first time we went was at the end of our studies in KL, in 2006.
The second trip is this one, which is during the final year of our studies, & will likely be the last trip we have together.
This fact is inevitable because, after practicum, we will be posted to different states in the country.
Of course, we can meet again somewhere once a year or something like that but, even right now when we are in the same city, it is already so hard to arrange a time to see each other!
Imagine years down the road when we have even more commitments!

So this trip is truly cherished by me as our last together...
Seng Chee, Guna, Shim, Nesa & I.
Our last & bestest trip to A'Famosa Resort in Melaka.
During the trip we may be joined by Norzie, Zaini or SueFin who are coursemates & residents of Melaka.

I am really looking forward to this trip.
There's going to be lots of fun, camaraderie, partying & a man-to-man talk.
Melaka, watch out!

Fri-Sat: Port Dickson

I will also be heading down to the famed Port Dickson with a group of friends!
Nas, Saw, Shim & I will be going to Kayns Resort.
I have never been to PD and all I know about it is from second-hand experiences handed down by KLites who seem to love to go to PD!
I heard that it is quite a badly maintained beach but people continually return because there is no other beach nearby.
I'm keeping my mind open for a good time with my friends!


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