koko' in Port Dickson: A Time of Many Firsts

I spent last Friday night at Port Dickson!
It was my first time at the popular holiday destination & I was not disappointed!
I was there with 5 friends: Shawn, Nas, Saw, PohLin & Allan Mah.
From what I read online, Port Dickson is the ideal wallet-friendly beach holiday destination for KLites & my experience reflected exactly that!

We stayed in Kayns Resort.
Nas's family runs the resort so we got two complimentary rooms!
Although it is a little bit hard to find, the resort is affordable, family-friendly & has a lot of potential.

I had many wonderful memories at the resort!
We fooled around in the pool after swimming at the beach, chitchated at the jacuzzi, played volleyball & we had karaoke in the middle of the night!

The pool has got a slide!
lots of slippery fun there~~

Volleyball in the morning...
Ball rental available from reception...

PD has got a reputation for dirty beaches but the beach at the resort was very clean!
After some exploration, we found a sweet spot to lay down our big mat & laze under the shade of a gigantic tree...

Sunset is always beautiful at beaches...
Had some extra time after dinner so we headed to the beach for some pitch black honest conversations.

taken from rasamalaysia.com

During this trip, I had my first Malay seafood experience at a restaurant near the resort.
Nazreen Seafood was quite a busy place that served us tasty Halal food at budget prices.
We had vege, meat, tofu, mixed seafood, extra rice, extra drinks & extra ikan bakars at RM15 per person!
Good food at a good price!
Will go back when I'm in PD with Malay friends!

This was also my first vacation with Datin.
We did not get much time alone because we went in a group & different genders had different rooms...
but our long-awaited maiden osculatory embrace was amazing...
we got to know each other better...
and we had a good time together...

This PD trip was truly memorable...
Thanks, Nas!

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