The Nature of Curiosity

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It has been 6 full weeks since I started my teaching practicum at SMK Puteri Titiwangsa.
The school is a girls’ school so I did have some expectations and mental preparations for any possible situation of difficulty at the school.
I drew these expectations by listening to advice and stories from peers & advisors.
Going to a girls’ school, some form of attention is normal and expected…
especially when 3 striking young men step into a school to join the teaching force…

However, the attention was not applied gradually…
it was injected in large quantities.
Causing an overdose & a natural over-adaptation…
I never expected a tsunami of attention…
and I wasn’t mature enough to handle it well.

It was overwhelming.
so I became quite fearful of coming to school…
so I started to put up a cool front to discourage approaches for anything other than academia.
I wanted to discourage the frequent adoring “hi, sir”…
I wanted to discourage the deliberate visits to the staffroom…
I wanted to discourage the coincidental classroom passing-bys…

But then again…
after 6 weeks, the hype started to slowly die down...
gradually, students stopped becoming curious…
They stopped trying to get attention…
They stopped lurking…
They stopped adoring…

They would still smile & greet you.
But they would do it differently…
Showing awareness of a professional divide…
I began to feel more comfortable…
I finally felt treated like a teacher.

I started smiling more.
I started returning greetings warmer.
I walked around the school with my mind at ease.
My cold mask peeled away…
I could be myself again…

From these 6 weeks, I have learned a lot about the relationship between a teacher & his students
I will use this knowledge to become better at handling student attention
I’m still learning… there is much for me to experiment.
But I have set a goal for myself… I have seen through the fog.
I guess from now on, the next half of my practicum can only get better!


  1. Yes! Teaching is a journey of experimenting and learning from each experiment!


  2. Anonymous9/8/08 17:50

    hi hi ...
    you should know me ...

    just dropping by to ask you a question...

    sir , being a teacher syok or not?

    ~ violacea ~

  3. It's just the first few chapters of your teaching career, Jarod. These are the things that is not being discussed in depth in your textbook. Experienced educators know that there is no specific solution to deal with students' behavior. There will be more Ooo and AHA moment for you as you grow, develop and mature in this career. It's very challenging I know, but that's what make life interesting :)

  4. Jon:
    Oh~~ You are so right, Jon!
    What you learn in the universities only help you make better experiments!
    Nothing is tried & true all the time!

    Just like any other vocation, teaching has its own set of pros & cons.
    I enjoy working with young people & passing on my skills & expertise.
    However, that is not all a teacher does.
    And the 'extra' stuff makes teaching such a chore.

    My answer: teaching is usually syok but sometimes it can be pain in my yellow cheeks.

    I'm loving these challenges because they will help me improve in my profession.
    And I certainly am looking forward to more OOOOOHs & AAAAAHs!

    p/s: It was good meeting you in person the other day...
    You are so hot & you seem smart.
    You have my stamp of approval to be with my friend, Shawn.

  5. Glad that u feel more comfartable now.. huhu..GANBATEH!!

  6. Anonymous12/8/08 19:05

    hi hi ...
    thanks 4 replying me ...
    how is it pain?
    ~ stupid question ~

    by the way ...
    wat r d cons?

    just wamma know

  7. Steph:
    Thanks, Steph!

    I think I shall email the answer to you, Violacea.
    This will take a lot of discussion that is not relevant to the topic of this post.

  8. Anonymous14/8/08 19:56

    k ...
    u noe my email ?

    answering the email ...
    is optional ...

  9. yup...
    your email not hard to find.
    Sent you the email a few days ago!

  10. It is often challenging and difficult to draw a line between a teacher and students.

    In our heart, we want to be friendly with them so as to know them better and to motivate them; yet, when it's overdone, the consequences may not be desirable.

    One way to go for is be firm with your decision, and stick with it.

    u will do just fine =)

  11. Thanks for the support, Nick!
    Hope you're doing fine yourself!


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