Why I Want To Be A Teacher

I have been asked many times by friends, family, acquaintances, strangers, students & other teachers, "why do you want to be a teacher?"
Few would be genuinely overjoyed when I say that I am training to be a teacher with the government in their Secondary Schools.
Some will pretend to be.

Many will ask with a similar tone...
Wondering why this man would choose such a profession.
A profession that has haunted & tortured them for much of their early years.
A profession with no promise of fame, fortune or status.
A profession regarded as the last resort to many.

Many think that I can do better in life & are blunt about it.
Blatantly arguing & putting down the profession.
But really...
Think about it...
Can I do any better?

My initial dream was to become a pilot.
I wanted to fly in the sky & be free like the birds...
I loved looking down on creation...
I loved to see harmony...
Every small piece working together to make a large difference...

But my dream was cut short because of parental denial.
Later on, I received a government scholarship to pursue a degree in English language teaching overseas.
My parents greatly agreed to this because they did some research and found that teaching was a profession that provided a secure future.
I detested the profession because my parents liked it.
I was the regular young & angry rebel.

However, as I progressed in the teaching course & aged like fine wine...
I began to mature as an individual & learned to assess critically...
That was when I saw it.
I saw the need in this country...
The need for a lethal linguistic injection.
I saw the need in the schools...
The need for a teacher who students follow.
I saw the need in the children...
The need for significance.

I looked down at myself & my two hands...
I asked myself, what shall I live for?
What is the purpose of my life?
Why have I been given so much privilege?
Then, I looked to my creator for an answer.
And He whispered into my heart.

I looked at the children & I saw their needs.
I looked at myself & found that I have been blessed with skills.
Skills which can meet these needs.
So, actually...
Can I do any better with my life & my skills?

My plan is to teach for 5 years first.
If I am a bad teacher & students dont learn anything, I will quit.
If I am a good teacher & I do good with the students, I dont see why I should stop providing a positive influence to the new generations.

From teaching, I may not receive fame, fortune or status...
But what I will have is memories & stories that are not only mine but shared by many little hearts all around the world.

What do you live for?
I chose to live for more than fame, fortune or status.
I live for blessing to be a blessing.

taken from letstalkscience.ca

"And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing."
Genesis 12:2

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