My Students Blog Too!

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Today, I got my students to start their own blogs!
Not personal blogs though...
But academic blogs!
This means that I will assign them written tasks to be completed, checked & then posted onto their blogs!

And because it is academic in purpose, it needs to be assessed.
Therefore, it is unpractical to ask every student start a blog each because I wont be able to check each blog.
Furthermore, the task might be too overwhelming for some students due to various factors.
Thus, I have grouped the students & got them to start their blogs in groups.

My purpose for getting the students in my high proficiency class to start blogs is to:
- provide relevant language enrichment activities
- expose to the most powerful media of the 21st century
- expose to ICT
- development of people skills / groupwork

For further information, check out this site:
Introducing the 1 Maju Student Group Blog Project!

As the teacher, I have started a separate blog to explain the purpose & objectives of this project as well as elaborate on the details of the project.
This blog is the hub of the project that will link you to the student group blogs:
The 1 Maju Group Blog Project

Do support my students by reading their blogs & posting constructive comments!


  1. I did a summer school paper during summer and there are heaps of benefits of online blogging!

    firstly, I think it creates a communal interaction with the topics taught. You are forcing students to talk about it, how they feel about it etc. If not they wouldn't get the marks.

    secondly, it spurs enthusiasm on the subject, and creates side-quests (yes like videogames!) like deeper researching into the topics, and that in return, brings in new things :)

    To me, it is truely an awesome way to learn in the modern world!

  2. that's a great idea! read some of the girls' blogs :) and the comments they left on Mr Yong's blog.. :)

    think it'd be good to always be conscious and stay professional :)

    kudos for the idea Jarod! :)

  3. Ada:
    Thanks for the literature review...
    I might want to search for such references in the future if I were to perform some form of action research on language learning & blogging.

    Thanks for your encouragement!
    I hope you left them some comments!


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