When Joy Turns To Fear

taken from smh.com.au

On Monday, something I found hillarious happened...
Today, the situation escalated to it's climax!
Joy has been turned into fear...
Check this story out!

At the canteen...
The 4 trainee teachers had finished their morning tea & were leaving the teachers' dining room...
Nesa & Shawn was walking in front of Aimi & I.
As we were walking by the throng of students stuffing their faces in the canteen...
I felt a peculiar sensation which made me very uncomfortable...
but whatever it was, I could feel that it was not directed at me...
I turned towards the direction of the source & my suspicions were confirmed...
It was directed at Nesa.

There was a muscular XL Indian schoolgirl staring at Nesa.
Actually, she gave him "the look".
It was unlike anything I've seen before from a woman.
She was leaning against a pillar with her arms crossed...
But her eyes...
Her head was slightly bowed with her eyes looking upward following Nesa as he walked by...
And the expression on the eyes!
She was looking at him with such intensity that it seemed like she wanted to grab him, drag him into a gutter, rape him & then, kill him so that nobody else can have him!
At her size... I believe was she unquestionably capable of fulfilling her desires...

Today, Thursday:
At the staff room...
It was near the end of the last period of the day so Nesa was holding his bag waiting in the staff room for me to return from my class.
Suddenly an Indian muslim girl walks into the staff room...
She waves at Nesa & said suggestively (in an Indian accent), *dragging the 'a's & 'i's* "Haaaaaaaaaaaiii, siiiiiiiiir!"
Then, she turns around & leaves the staff room.

Astounded, Nesa did not believe that she came in just to say hi.
After the door shut behind her, he left his seat & looked out the one-way window near the door.
He was horrorified from what he saw & heard...
There was a large group of Indian girls (including the mamak girl & the XL girl) outside the door.
He heard the mamak girl tell the group of eagerly waiting teenage girls...
"Wait... wait... Teacher is inside... Let's wait for him to come out!"
The horror made him return to his table & pretend to be busy with work.
After some time, the girls took notice & soon peacably left the entrance to the staff room.

But that's not the scariest part!
Soon after the Indian girls left...
Nesa left quickly too lest they return.
But this was where he made his deadliest mistake...
He choose to take the shortest route to the school's sole entrance...
Past the canteen...

At the canteen...
Nesa & Shawn was passing by when one of Nesa's students called out...
*dragging her 'i's* "Siiiiir! Siiiiiir!"
Nesa approached her to pass on some instructions for the class.
After he left her...
Something frightful happened...

The whole canteen started going...
"Siiiiiir! Siiiiiiir! Siiiiiir! Siiiiiir!"
They went on chanting & giggling until Nesa was out of sight...
This caused him great fear...
Fear made him walk faster...
Fear made him pretend not to hear them...
Fear made him hide in his car & forget to turn on the aircon.

This is how the joy of being admired can turn into fear of undesired admiration for a desirable teacher in a girls' school.


  1. haha!
    poor nesa.
    how bout ya mate?

  2. gosh. haha. can't imagine the macho nesa would blush and fears of his own students.

  3. HAHAHA poor Nesa!! Oh high school girls, it was probably inevitable.

  4. i was was in an all girls school and i can't remember seeing anything crazy like that. girls nowadays *sigh*

  5. I TOTALLY REMEMBER THAT XL GAL..THE LOOK ON HER FACE.."She was looking at him with such intensity that it seemed like she wanted to grab him, drag him into a gutter, rape him & then, kill him so that nobody else can have him!" so true!!! whoo!

  6. WOW~ hotty nessaaaa.. very kesian one.. hahahaha.. all da best guys!

  7. Anonymous9/7/08 10:49

    Haha.. that's totally crazeeyyy! I never knew that girls in girls school are like that.. what's happening with the world nowadays huh..? :P perhaps, that's what wud happen if the system blocks the natural needs of human. so say no to single-sex school!! :P

    neway, back to nesa.. he should be flattered with the situation, and at the same time, he shud be more careful. anything cud happen to him. but seriously, if i were in nesa's school, i wud hire personal bodyguards just to protect myself in school. i can imagine the looks by those girls. darn scaryyy :P macho guy like nesa, but... still have some fears + soft sides. poor him..

  8. Anonymous9/7/08 10:51


    nesa's school = nesa's shoes

  9. Nigel:
    I have yet to have such bold encounters...

    Yes, Nesa is actually soft under that hard black shell!

    Being a rare hot Indian man who has a strong personality...
    What girl wouldn't melt before him?

    As you have observed & shared...
    It seems girls from the East side are more civilised & ladylike!

    High Five!


    I'm his FREE bodyguard that follows him wherever he goes...
    But I cant help but laugh everytime I see the XL girl!
    Not much of a bodyguard, eh?

  10. poor nesa must be freakin out!! haha...those girls deserve the title; stalker and psycho!

  11. hahaha~~
    I have advised Nesa to confront her because she is starting to get bolder & bolder...
    When he does you are sure to hear about it only from the eyes of koko'!


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