Friday, July 11

How Do the Students View Me?

Do they see me as this?

taken from

A teacher that students are motivated to work with.
A teacher that inspires & brings them to new heights.
A teacher who works very hard into every night to plan lessons
that are engaging & a joy for students to follow.
A teacher who constantly wants to improve.

Or this?

taken from

A walking meat on a stick.
One of the only 8 men in the big school.
Single, strong, charming, tall, young, broad chested, good features & commanding presence.
An object of feminine fantasy.

I opened up my eyes today to find, with great chagrin, that the student do check me out...
I felt like a man living in a jungle ruled by exotic Amazon women.
I get looked at like an exhibit in a museum...
Did they see me as a piece of art?
Or as a pole dancer in a strip bar?

What do the students think of me?
This is a question I still can't answer.
But one thing's for sure...
They think that I'm something worth looking at again and again and again...

I used to play ignorant to the obvious things that students would do as I came walking by.
I would protect my state of mind by staring at the sky, the walls, my fingers, my paper, my shoes & etc.
Doing so to avoid catching the less-than-innocent gazes of these adolescent girls.

Today, curiosity had the better of me...
I wanted to see if the girls were truly checking me out...
And boy...
What a discovery I have made!

But how do they think of me?
I guess different students will think of me in a different way...
I stimulate different people in different ways...
But I can be sure that there is a definite curious interest in me & my colleagues.

Thinking about it...
I shouldn't let how they think of me influence my effectiveness in the classroom.
I must be just like any other good teacher even when there are small groups of girls walking past my classroom window every 5 mins or so...

Who told you teaching is an easy job?!!
Being a teacher is NOT easy!

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