Lack of Aptitude = Lack of Apprehension

Today, I had to reluctantly remove one of my published blog posts because of a misunderstanding of it's content.
The language I use in my writing is complex and I usually write with layers of meaning.
It would therefore require a really well developed mind with good proficiency in the English language to completely fathom my poetic compositions.

Like I said, there was a misunderstanding.
Apparently one or more students from my school found my blog and read the post about the incident where one of my colleagues was harassed by some students.
This student or group of students came up with erroneous allegations against my colleague & myself; claiming that we hate the school and we hate the students in the school.

Au contraire, my dear readers...
These claims brought fourth from an inferior mentality is far from the truth.
I have only described events & reactions as it is.
I have not implied on anyone hating the school nor its students.

I am absolutely loving SMK Puteri Titiwangsa.
The teachers in the English department are cooperative & very helpful.
They offer help even before help is requested!
Furthermore, the administration is just as effective!
We get to photocopy material & exercises for FREE!
We get markers, manila cards, A4 papers, you name it, we get it for FREE!
How many trainee teachers get that from their school?!
Very few to NONE!
For this, I am very grateful to the school & its pragmatic attitude.

I am also absolutely loving my students.
I got 2 classes with two very different levels of proficiency & motivation.
I have a class with high-proficiency & high-motivation while the other is a direct opposite.
But both classes TRY THEIR BEST!
They listen to me in class & they complete work that I assign.
How many trainee teachers get that from their students?!
Very few to NONE!
For this, I am very grateful to my students & their positive attitude.

So my dear friends, family, students, colleagues, evaluators & censors...
Do not believe gossip for its purpose of creation already leaves much to question.
They were created to be juicy enough to spread.
And I bet the person who started these rumours is having a heck of a time being popular & the one stop exposé shrine into the lives of the new male teachers.
They had to make it something sensational so people would be interested!
And sometimes being sensational means sacrificing honesty.

Therefore, read my thoughts for yourselves & see through the eyes of koko'.
God gave you a brain for a reason.
Read, understand (dictionary recommended), critique and if you have a disagreement, leave me a comment!
Bring the issue to its source where something can be done!
Please do not waste the time of other people & please do not tarnish the reputation of people who depend on it for work.

p/s: the censored post will be silently republished with it's original date after I have completed my practicum.


  1. i can make a conclusion from your censored entry: nesa is hot. that's why. not that you hate the students.


  2. Anonymous17/7/08 22:55

    it seems like nesa has got another stalker in ipba :P ainee has been complimenting nesa quite a lot lately... :P *sshhhh* haahaha..

    again, what i can conclude from ur previous entry was that u guys are aware of what's happening in that school. i mean ur students shud have seen that as something they should be glad about. it shows that u guys care about the students and at the same time maintaining ur level of privacy and security. not that u guys hate the school and its environment. i didnt see any statement from u about that..

    dear readers of this blog, as a coursemate, housemate of the owner of this blog.. i know them well enuff. he's been talking about how he has been enjoying his practicum at that particular school. if he doesnt like it, he wudnt be bothered to go there everyday with such committment shown. he wudnt be teaching the students & helping them out with such attitude.

  3. you should really consider limiting access to your blog via passwords.

    It is sad that younglings in our country mimic our current leaders. But can we blame them? It is only because they are exposed to "underexposure of the freedom of speech and thoughts" and they are taught subconsciously to "find faults before virtues", as shown via our local media.

    Like what you said, only matured readers can fully understand the context of your blog posts and choose to look at it from a non-malicious point of view.

    I'm sure that many others just as myself, truly anticipate and await your creative yet painfully honest posts every other day. So in my opinion, there is no need to put a leash on the nature of your blogs. Infact, you should put a leash on those who fail to appreciate "modern literature" at its best! *wink*

    Cheers and keep up the good work.

    Welcome back to Malaysia. Good luck in Molding the mindsets of Malaysia's future leaders... :)

  4. Being a teacher is tough huh? Because your blog may be exposed. And that's not a good thing.

    What happened to privacy?

  5. Mien:
    Thanks for the support & backup!

    Seems like I got more supporters than I thought!
    Thanks, Fay!

    I will never make my blog private because I believe that people can learn from what I experience & my struggles in the world of education.

    Every time something is produced in this world, there will be both haters & lovers.
    Take for example, Jesus. Some people love him, some hate him & others would be just neutral.
    I believe my blog is the same. My blog is very personal so it would mainly attract people who are of the same mindset as I am. Those who are of the opposite mindset will dispise it.

    I'm happy to have both because it shows that my blog has a stand & it stands tall with its balls attatched!

    What I write on this blog are things that I do not intend to keep private so dont worry!
    This is my place to share!

  6. finally! i get to stalk your blog~ lol.
    i'm just so happy now i got the internet connection to get me stay connected to the world. hahaha.

    it's awesome you guys are on pracs now, wonder what's happening to all other cohort 2s. I dunno whether i'll survive my pracs or not, just too anxious and scared to go and kick it! You have the guts, bro. you're so lucky!

    wish u all the best.

  7. Thanks, little one...
    It's been a while since I last saw you o the net!
    Welcome back to the 21st century!


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