Second Job In NZ: Geno Sue... BOSS!!!

Right after calling Satay Kampong, I called Christie over for a movie... Nesa & I wanted to watch "Pride & Prejudice 2005" and i remembered a previous promise. When she was in my room, i got the most unexpected news from her...

Today, i met Geno, the boss of Ilott cafe which serves Orb coffee near the murphy bridge... (You can easily locate the cafe by looking out for the white Orb coffee sign on the floor outside the cafe.) His brother owns Uni-Stop. (Outside Maclaurin building facing Kelburn Parade.)

I met him at Uni-Stop this afternoon at 6pm. Christie, the messenger, was there as well working the cashier...

He took down my schedule and asked me when i cud work. We also had quite a nice chat. Geno seemed like a very friendly and cheerful guy... He had a loud voice but I felt comfortable around him... Good guy...

Wad I learnt from our more and lenthy chat:
- He was in Indonesia for quite a few years, witnessed the racial riots.
- Christie got shot in d t*ts during paintball and was very p*ssed.
- Sue Fin was given the same news i got.
- I work on Wednessday & Friday afternoons from 2pm to 6pm.

Come Over & Taste my Coffee!
(dont expect me to want 2 bankrupt my boss,k?)

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