Easter Holidays Postmortem

Remember i set a few goals to meet before the holidays were over?
Lemmie copy them from the post and paste here...
1) look for a job!
2) go out, explore Wellington & beyond!
3) get to know my neighbours!
4) blog more!

How hav i done?
1) I managed to get contact a restaurant and they were interested in hiring me! yay!
But Wait! i didnt jz get one job... i got two! The day i called the restaurant, I got an offer from a happening cafe in uni! The Ilott cafe! Will talk about my job offers more when i actually meet the owners and chat wif them...
PRAISE THE LORD!!! hehe... FYI, i'm gona b paid at least $8 per hr.
2) I did explore a bit of Wellington and beyond... Took my time to walk around the city and even had a day trip to Kapiti Coast! Tell you more about it later...
3) I got to know a few of the fellow residents in Unicomm better... the dinning hall was the best setting... wif most of the students away, many ppl where either sitting alone or in small groups, it was my golden opportunity to join them!
I got to know a few RAs & some kitchen staff too!
(RA=Residential Assistant. A senior uni student employed by the accomodations provider to monitor students, arrange fun activities and assist students in any way they can.)
4) I really really did blog a lot... hehe...

Now wad do you think the highlight of this holiday is?
(note: i didnt go to the island.)

For this trip we visited 4 destinations: A bird watching paradise, a farm famous for its ice-cream, a chocolate factory & a beautiful cliff of a mountain. (Para-Para-Ummu i think, or sumtin lidat...)

Bird Watching Off Kapiti Coast
Our first destination was near a beach and it was a destination where many people come to appreciate and watch birds. Besides watching birds, gulping down the beautiful scenery and taking penty of pictures, we were treated wif a nice little lunchtime tea made by the lovely wife of our guide.

Our Guide Really Loved To Tell Us Stories. We went ahh & ooh but we werent actually listening... hehe...

We even got the chance to feed some of the birds...
I actually got a cut when one goose snapped at the crumb of bread between my finger and thumb.
And it was at this time our guide told us the most interesting story of the day.

"Brokebeak Lagoon"
Once upon a time there was this swan that broke her wing. She lost her ablity to fly and take care of herself. One day this male goose came and took care of her, he fed her and was very protective of her. Chasing off any human or animal that dared get close to the swan. They were pretty close for a few years.

One day another female swan came. That swan began to get close with the first swan. The goose was aggressive at first (probrably jealous!) but soon he accepted the second swan and started protecting both swans.

Then one day, the second swan started to lay eggs. This was strange as she had no male swan to mate with. Then, the observers came up wif strange conclusion: The first swan was a male! Soon it's gender was confirmed! And this meant that the first swan and the goose spent a few homo years together previously!

Pretty soon the eggs hatched and there was a little swan family. Until today the goose protects the swan family. It was that goose that cut my thumb.

The Farm of All Ice-Creams
Our next destination was a farm/tourist attraction. This farm still functions as a farm (producing milk and all tat) but it has been turned into a tourist attraction as well!
It’s got a cafe, some souvenir shops, a candy shop & even a honey shop!
But the main attraction was the ice cream/cheese shop…
Ppl say it’s the best ice-cream in the whole of NZ… Let’s see if it is…

This is wad the ice-cream/cheese shop looks like...

After having a double scoop ice-cream myself for around 3 dollars...
I found it unusually... common... i mean... it tastes like normal la...
i duno... im not good at criticising ice-cream... unless it's really bad...

Jikkam & the Chocolate Factory
The third stop was a chocolate factory. I expected a posh and cool chocolate factory but this one was a small one and kinda a let down cz the chocolate they produce do nt look so appetizing. I didn’t buy anything but the others were so into it and was buying like one kind!
I jz went on to the liquor store next door for a sample drink... YUM!

The Climax
The best part of the trip was the last stop. (save the best for last konon…)
We went up a long & narrow mountain road jz to find that it was worth the long tiring ride… we got to see some seriously out of this world scenery!
At this time you cant help but wonder what kind of God we have… it’s just too beautiful… he must be a God that likes to show off… hehe… he gav us this ability to appreciate beauty and suddenly overloads us wif such unbelievable gasps... it’s like falling in love again…
now I can see how great he is... how wonderful he is… how unbelievable he is…

How great are his signs! and how mighty are his wonders! his kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and his dominion is from generation to generation.
- Daniel 4:3

I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.
- John 10:14

it was a good holiday… marked by many wonderful events and memories…
hope you njoyed reading as much as I njoyed writing it!
Looking forward to the next one! (who doesn’t? hehe...)

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