CH*I -- So Foul It's Sensored In A Free Country Like New Zealand!

After finishing an assignment (ALIN201) yesterday, i decided to put something up that's new... hehe... and my first funny one!

The VUW Cohort 1&2 had a little get together and makan-makan with our lecturers last Saturday, 25 March, at Everton Hall.
The event was a huge success... delicious food... sociable lecturers & a wonderful get together for the Cohort 1&2...
but the highlight of the event was our discovery of a new and unique beverage!!!

^^^^ Look at that! No... it's not CH'I... IT'S CH*I!!!!
(The apostrophie acts as a sensor for an unbearable word!)

This was what happened when i tried the drink...
(this should give you a clue of what the sensored word is if you have not already guessed it...)
Normal handsome me...
I risked my life to be a human guinea pig!
Notice my eyes getting narrower...
My eyes! So SMALL!
My voice! So DEEP & SEXY!
Ahhhh! (glottal sound...)
Well... the drink didn't taste so good neither...
its supposed to be some herbal carbonated drink...
but really... it sux...
it smells like urine too...
kids... dont drink it...
Hava GREAT new week! =)
now for my next assignment (LING223)... sigh...


  1. Anonymous2/4/06 15:36

    well i saw a ray of light at the back of koko wen he was drinking CH%I, but after he is done there is no more u guys get wat i'm sayin.

  2. Anonymous11/4/06 17:07 ur dufus look at da last picture.

  3. yup... i was trying to immitate a dufus lookalike... hehe...
    (i hate it when ppl go anonymous...)


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