First Day At Work: Satay Kampong

Today I walked in, met the Lady Boss & was introduced to all the staff working there today (Friday). 4 floor staff & 4 kitchen staff.
Floor staff: Lady Boss, me, Walter & Shreen -- All waiting and serving customers.
Kitchen Staff: Chin (Boss), Lady Boss's Brother & Lady Boss's Masha --- the Chefs + 1 Kitchen Hand: Fei Cai.

The Lady Boss was wonderfully patient and kind to me... jz like the way i wud expect her to be. Her husband and brother were kind of cold but i expected tat from them cz they were the ah beng type... but when u make good frens wif them... they will b your good frens for a long long time... wad a wonderful family i jz joined! GOD IS GOOD!!! hahaha!

Today i learnt:
- To let go of my pride (I had to wear a sissy apron!)
- How to take orders & write on the order pad.
- The procedures of work in Satay Kampong.
- Setting a table up after a customer has left it.
- How to hold a plate properly when serving.
- Kiwi's love Malaysian food. (They are willing to pay $12 for some Mee Goreng!)
- Name of some wines.
- I'm enjoying working here!

My hours hav been changed to Monday & Saturday evenings & I'm looking forward to it! =)

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