Apparently, I'm A White-worshipper! LOL!

I masked the faces of my accuser & my students from this image. A courtesy I wish my accuser extended to my students.

Here we go again. People accuse me of all sorts of things on social media & often it occurs in closed Facebook groups I'm not part of, so I am unable to defend myself or clarify. Usually, I ignore them, but I have to respond to this one because the ridiculous accusation has also directly involved my students, who have generously agreed to be part of the banner picture on my blog.

Who is your defamer?
This person is a Malaysian residing abroad. I have never met her but she might be carrying a grudge from being kicked out of Global Malaysian Network, a Facebook group for Malaysians who are residing/have resided abroad, as I am one of the administrators of the group. She was expelled & banned from the group for engaging in ad hominem personal attacks of other members & deliberately making provocative statements on banned topics.

The reason I think she has a grudge against me is because she was also involved in heavily criticizing my defense of a cyber-bullied teacher, & an attempt at discrediting me by ganging up on me & making baseless criticisms of my English. If you're reading this, I hope that you'll continue to keep track of my activities & eventually turn into a supporter rather than someone that conjures up nonsense accusations behind my back.

What is this "white power hand sign"?
According to Know Your Meme, the OK sign which is traditionally used to mean "fine" or "good" began to be associated with Trump supporters in mid 2015. Later on, it became associated with white supremacy. So, it may not be politically correct to use the OK sign, especially in the US.

Why did you use this hand gesture in your photo?
Back in 2006, my blog started out as "From the Eyes of koko'". Thus, when the banner photo was taken in 2013, I asked my students to emphasize their eyes. Back then, the OK sign was NOT associated with white supremacy.

As shown by the Wayback Machine, I've been using this banner long before the OK sign became associated with white supremacy.

Me, a white worshiper? Really?
Honestly, if I really was a white worshiper, why would I leave the white man's country after my studies in order to serve as a teacher in the worst performing state in Malaysia? Wouldn't I try to stay near the people I was worshiping? I did my bachelor's in New Zealand & my master degree in the USA. I left white-man-land, not once, but TWICE for Malaysia. If I tried, I could have surely found a way to reside in the USA, where my accuser is right now.

Finally, dear accuser,
Take a look in the mirror before you try to discredit someone who has dedicated 7 years of his 20s to serving at a school in the middle of the rainforest. What did you do in your 20s? Were you changing lives & impacting a neglected community? Have you ever worked day & night for years giving it your all without recognition? Have you ever experienced life without water or electricity? Loneliness? How about having no mobile connection?

I know I'm not perfect. I do make mistakes. I'm sorry I offended you or hurt you. If you really hate me, go ahead & have your fill attacking me. But, JUST ME! DO NOT ever use the faces of my students in your quest for my blood. Please. They are on their way to becoming influencers & successful professionals who will transform their community. They could do with less of your hate & more of your love.

If you're attacking me because you're in a bad place in life & maybe there is some way I can help you, please contact me. I hope that you'll be an ally rather than an enemy.

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