So You Want To Leave Malaysia?

What I want to do when people start telling me about how they want to leave Malaysia.
I've been hearing a lot of educated Malaysians talk about leaving the country after yesterday's political debacle. I do admit, I have similar thoughts, especially since I have a kid & naturally want a better future for him.

But, what happens when the educated people leave? Who will be left behind? Who will clean up the mess? Who will check & balance the government? Who will develop the nation & carry it into the 21st century?

I've met plenty of Malaysians abroad who are doing well for themselves. They're able to find a way to thrive & they have children who are benefiting from their newfound homeland. At one point in the conversation, people would lament about the situation back home that drove them away. Plenty of them are on social media complaining every day. Honestly, unless they're contributing in some way to the development of Malaysia, that's just syok-sendiri empty talk & I wish more people would put their money where their mouth is.

Sure, sheet happens. Yesterday, our trust was betrayed. Tell me about it. My ballot paper almost failed to make its way back to Sarawak from NYC. My wife spent RM400 mailing her one vote back to KL. I left teaching English at Columbia, Fordham, & CUNY to come back & teach reluctant teenagers in my Ibu Pertiwiku. Honestly, there is no such thing as a perfect country. Even if you go to one of those orang-putih countries, you'll find something to complain about. I want to make Malaysia a country I can be proud of. No better place to start than in our classrooms.

If it takes so little to shatter your faith in Malaysia & break your fighting spirit, you are a snowflake. Don't be like those who have already escaped to another country. Be an educated, informed, & activated citizen. The fact is we are still here. We still have a lot of qualified & trustworthy people working on the many problems we have in our country. You are definitely one of them. All of us are capable of doing something great for our country.

If you love someone, you'll fight for them. Not leave them. If you say you love this country, you'll need to fight for it. Not just as a keyboard warrior. You need to actively contribute. You can organize, donate, mentor, or volunteer. You can be kinder in traffic. You can keep your trash with you & dispose of it properly into a bin.

Every day, there is an opportunity for ALL of us to do something small that is good for Malaysia. Do you have your eyes on the ground looking for opportunities to contribute? Or are your eyes so transfixed on another country you've failed to love yours?

My family is fasting & praying for Malaysia for 3 days. This is the least we can all do for our tanah tumpah darahku.

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