When Chinese Eateries Are Closed, Try Malaysian. Not Western.

During the last CNY celebration, I encountered numerous situations where friends or family expressed the following frustration, "Nothing is open." Then, to my absolute horror, 100% of the time, they'd follow with, "Let's eat at <insert Western fast food restaurant>."

Wait a minute. Chinese eateries are closed, but isn't this a perfect opportunity to expand one's palette and try other Malaysian cuisines? Overseas, we take pride in how multi-racial Malaysia is, but what's the point when we don't include other Malaysian cuisines into our lives? Why are Western fast food restaurants the default? Why not Dayak, Indian, or Malay?

Probably offending people with my outward expression of disgust, I'd insist on one of my favorite Malaysian eateries in town. While introducing one of our local cuisines, I've heard confessions that people have never tried or rarely tried Malay/Indian/Dayak cuisine. Every single time, I'd see eyes light up in surprised delight after tasting the amazing culinary experiences available from the various ethnic groups in Malaysia.

Are you a Malaysian? How often do you support businesses/eateries of a different ethnic group? This CNY & all CNYs henceforth, when Chinese eateries are closed, try MALAYSIAN. NOT Western.

Do you experience the same thing during major festivals involving your ethnic group?

Have you ever felt excluded in your life? As a Sarawakian & a person from a minority group, I have. Plenty of times. I dream of a Malaysia that includes ALL people groups.

The best place to start is with our bellies. My challenge to you is to try a Malaysian restaurant from a different ethnic group this week. Do let me know how it went!
Wherever you are in Malaysia, do share your favorite Malaysian dishes & where people can get them!

For those of you in Kuching, here are my recommendations! Enjoy!

Best Roti Canai = Curry House (before Kuching Sentral)

This particular restaurant has mastered making their roti canai BOTH fluffy & crispy!
It's also affordable & the kuah comes from really good curry!

Best Nasi Kerabu & Nasi Kukus = Q Nasi Kukus, Matang Metrocity

So many fresh flavors in one dish! The absolute best in Kuching!
Keeps my belly happy many hours after a visit! Absolutely worth the long drive to Matang!

Best Dayak Roast Pork = Awah Cafe, Taman Ridgeway

My go-to for Dayak cuisine. I particularly love the roast pork.
Crispy on the outside. Smoky. Juicy.
Drench your meat in the accompanying sweet, sour, & spicy sauce for an explosive treat for your taste-buds.
Also try their tempoyak fish soup, ask for extra strong tempoyak.

Best Tempoyak Pork = Payueeh Authentic Dayak Food, 7th Mile

Thick sweet & sour tempoyak + aromatic wok-caramelized 3-layer pork.
I just keep coming back for more!

Looking for recommendations in Kuching for...-Banana Leaf Rice
-Jawa Mee
-Curry Mee
-Nasi Lemak

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