I Rarely Get Students Who Want To Learn From Me

This is a rare occurrence.

I've been a teacher for more than a decade already & rarely have I had students who actually want to learn from me. At the Malaysian secondary schools that I have taught at, I've always had to go the extra mile to encourage, persuade, psych, coerce, & even force students to learn from me or participate in English language related activities. So, my students tend to be afraid of me & avoid me because I can be sharp-tongued, overbearing, & strong-willed. But they all learn & improve... whether they like it or not. 😅

I don't blame them because English is very difficult to them due to factors beyond their control. Unfortunately, being able to speak in English fluently is a marker of privilege in Malaysia. All of the English teachers in Malaysia are doing our best to ensure that English becomes the norm, rather than the exception. This has to happen if we hope to compete in the global marketplace. 💪

Therefore, it was extremely refreshing to meet a group of students who thirst for knowledge & will actually complete their assignments without the need for the carrot or stick. I teach tuition classes online for PT3 & SPM students, & I was surprised to receive this private message on Zoom out of the blue. She sent this to me as we were wrapping up a writing activity. 🥰

It's such a pleasure to teach students like these & they tend to improve really quickly. Now I understand why certain schools exclusively enroll these kinds of students & perform exceptionally well compared to regular schools like the ones I've taught in. It is the difference between racing a Myvi on the Sepang circuit versus on the 'Pain Borneo Highway'. 🔥

Thank you for saying such kind things, Kavisha! I really cherish the time we get to spend together because I know that everything that I share will be put to good use & I am helping a group of very motivated young people soar to new heights. With the right preparation, I believe that all of you will be able to surpass me by leaps & bounds. That is my hope & dream. Each generation should be better than the previous one. Otherwise, I would have failed as a teacher, mentor, & leader. 🙌

See you in our next class! 😘

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