"My Hope For Malaysia" (Video) by SMK Tabuan Jaya (Malaysia Day 2020)

Happy Malaysia Day!
In conjunction with Malaysia Day in 2020, a few final-year students at SMK Tabuan Jaya (Sarawak State Sports School) shared (a) what they loved about Malaysia & (b) what their hopes were for their country.

In the video, you can clearly see the extra effort my students had to put into conversing in English. What you do not see was (a) the hours they put into writing & rehearsing their scripts, (b) the heartbreak of three students deciding not to show up, & (c) the multiple takes that they did for their short presentations.

I certainly am proud of them. They have set a wonderful example for their juniors. Let's pray that they do extremely well in SPM & spark a cultural shift at school.
Do leave a comment on the video encouraging my students to use English!

Presenters (in order of appearance):
- Christ Endree Anak Molem (5O2)
- Isaac John (5O1)
- Chris Emannnuel Rentap Anak Watson Telajan (5O1)
- Erika Vallensian Anak Andrew (5O1)
- Andy Saging Keryer (5O1)

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