Basic Mobile Video Production by SukaSuka

SMK Tabuan Jaya Represents!
Chaperoned 15 students from SMK Tabuan Jaya to the "Basic Mobile Video Production" Program by SukaSuka at Kuching Creative Heritage Hub in Bangunan Yayasan Sarawak. During this program, my students learned the basics of video production, worked as a team to produce a video, & competed with the other schools in Kuching at a showcase. Thank you, SukaSukaMY for running an excellent program. Although my students only got the consolation prize, they had a great time & were very engaged! Do invite us to future events!

I really wanted to spend this Saturday morning with my new baby boy & wife. However, I realized that if I didn't volunteer, my students would miss out on this golden opportunity to learn from skilled content producers & access a creative hub for FREE.

You see, many of my students come from more rural parts of Sarawak & will benefit tremendously from programs like these. You know, those that city kids take for granted. Also, my students need more exposure to English used outside of the classroom. Organizers said 11 students in the letter, I called & asked for 15.

As a Head of Panel, I have the authority to pull rank & make a colleague do this instead. Junior colleagues, especially those who are unmarried, are often victims of "the wrath of the seniors". Having tasted the bitter wrath of my seniors myself, I decided a long time ago to never do this to my juniors. Instead, I will lead from the front, by example. Be a mentor. Be an inspiration. Rather than a tyrant/manipulator. Bring out the best in my people, rather than try to shape them into what I want them to be.

Education is a profession that cannibalizes its young. It's up to us, a new generation of teachers, to say enough is enough. We will lead the way to a profession that equips its future generations to be better than the last.

Here is the hilarious video my students produced.
[The video will be shared once I get it from my students]

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