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Happy #MalaysiaDay 🇲🇾!

Our annual tradition during the Malaysia Day weekend is to support a local film. This year, we caught #MForMalaysia. In Sarawak, only 2 cinema's ran the documentary. The one closest to us was, 30 minutes drive away from Kuching, in Samarahan at @MMCineplexes of @SummerShoppingMall.

Sadly, we were the only ones in the theater. I walked in wondering why the heck I paid the online booking fee. 😅 In contrast, the theater next door, playing some pontianak movie, was packed. I guess political documentaries aren't the forte of regular Malaysians.

Honestly, the movie left me wanting because it stopped right after #PakatanHarapan won the elections. It didn't contain anything a concerned & informed citizen wouldn't know. Sure, it provided plenty of behind the scenes footage of a day in the life of #TDM leading up to the polls & several exclusive interviews of key political figures. But, that's all in the past.

As a Malaysian living in Malaysia, I'm very much more concerned with the FUTURE. Was hoping for more insights into that. Something to give me HARAPAN one year after #GE14. Unfortunately, I expected too much. This documentary is pretty much a loving tribute by a doting granddaughter. Not that there's anything wrong about that.

This documentary will be great for Malaysians living abroad to reminisce over, but too little too late for Malaysians living in Malaysia, experiencing the aftermath of GE14, struggling to make ends meet, & wondering where the heck our country is headed.

P/S: Proceeds from their music CD sales will go towards supporting Undi 18!
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