Wrath of the Seniors

I remember the time when I first entered collage.
One night during orientation week, I was gathered into a room with the other guys in my course.
We were going to be 'introduced' to our seniors.
That was my my first 'ragging' experience.

I was traumatised. I was deeply struck with fear.
The KDPM 'seniors' came in with yelling & aggressive behaviour.
Anyone who did not sit down, shut up or pay attention was threatened.
That night, I learned how to 'respect' my seniors.

A year later, I became a senior. One with a council position too.
One night, I gathered my juniors and I taught them the 'respect' I learned.
What was passed on to me. I passed on to my successors.
Because I did not know any better, I repeated a grave mistake.

The wrath of the seniors exists in many other contexts.
It may not be the same action. For example, ragging.
But it is something that one generation passes on to the other.
That something also causes great pain & discouragement.

From the general Malaysian context...
(Gathered from freshies & veterans of different circumstances.)

When a new teacher arrives at his/her first school.
The school need not be the perfect Putrajaya school.
He/She is hopeful & enthusiastic anyway.
He/She wants to do something great. Make a difference.

Yet their wide eyes narrow as they receive a yoke beyond their ability.
They get the classes that other teachers do not want.
They get the duties that other teachers do not want.
They get... the wrath of the seniors.

When the burdens get too heavy & they reach out for salvation...
They receive little but this unjust justification:
"Our seniors did this to us. Now it's your turn."
Does this mean that seniors can shake legs while juniors break backs?

Teachers spearhead the development of new generations.
Teachers develop strategies that maximise teaching effectiveness.
Teachers set a shining example of conduct & intellect.
Teachers inspire the young to strife for greater heights.

Who will spearhead the development of new teachers?
Who will be their shining examples?
Who will nurture the new teachers & inspire them?
If not the senior teachers?

To every junior teacher all over Malaysia...
I know your pain. Ours is a shared pain.
But we must rise up. We must be brave.
The wrath of the seniors must end... with us.


  1. and yes!we can't be morons who only know to complaint and grumble like noone's business!ergh.life's rough lah.adoi.

  2. did your ex-seniors yelled at you during the orientasion week?
    well, i think i know the situation.

  3. Anonymous16/4/09 20:14

    wow . this post is deep . so , you're unhappy with your ' work ' ?

  4. You know, I think everyone who has gone thru any government body has to go thru the wrath of the seniors. But unlike you,I wasnt traumatised.They just seem pathetic to me (no offense). Yelling to get respect. Respect is earned la not demanded and extorted from.
    But, Good on you! Spread the word! CHANGE IS GOOD!! Go Jarod Go ! haha

  5. You know why?

    Because it is easier that way than the kinder way. It is easier to not want something bad and difficult to nurture than something that is already good and bright.

    It is easier to love the loveable than to love the unloveable.

    It's plainly THAT simple. =)

    And what are we doing about it although we know that exists?

    Perhaps almost to nothing.

  6. Anonymous16/4/09 23:53

    sorry to hear such a news, well i'll be at your position in the next few months, prepared for such situations (hopefully). Yeah let's end up all these ridiculous things in school. Hang on there Jarod...

  7. The wrath of the seniors must end! Amen!

    So treat your juniors *hint hint* better!

    Goshh.... my fantasy life is getting over soon, and I will be thrown into the reality you are surviving in now... *sigh*

  8. That was one of the thing that worried us too..How will it be when we arrive in school next year?? I still remember our orientation week in a new IPGM. It was a disaster, with those rude KSPK teachers!! We hated them for what they did and we will not forgive them!! NEVER!!!!

  9. Jam:
    Well... Have you been a good senior teacher lately?

    I'm sorry I dont understand Arabic.

    They more than yelled...
    Imagine a room of 20 young confused juniors & 40 big hairy agressive seniors...

    I'm having mixed feelings.
    I like certain things but dislike certain things.

    My school is a great place because of my principal.
    He is my great mentor.

    But there are other seniors here too. There is one in particular who doesnt seem to do any work. Everything just gets passed on to others that actually need his help.

    Perhaps yours was mild.
    Ours was quite intense.
    Most of our seniors were aged between 30-40 because they were post-diploma graduates aspiring to be teachers.
    And they really knew how to 'teach'.

    That's why I wrote this post.
    So that we will realise that there is actually something that can be done.
    If not for us, then for our juniors.
    Those of us with higher awareness should take the first step towards positive change.

    I think you will be more than ready emotionally & mentally.

    I have always been nice to you...
    Have I not?

    Forgive the KSPK & dont do the same to your juniors.
    You really should 'orientate' your juniors.
    But you can do something different.

  10. Just drop by and say hi. Found your blog through google while I am searching for something. We don't know each other but we have the same Heavenly Dad. Your testimonial is wonderful.. Hope you can continue to shine for Him wherever you are placed. God bless brother :)

  11. wa..
    so dahsyat ar..
    me ar..
    i tel u nxt tm la~
    bt a koko won't be scared de rite?
    haha mei mei is here~

  12. This is where school politics come in! Honestly, with a little bit of good PR, even the toughest of seniors could be easily handled.

    I have learned that when I stand up for my rights and I do it politely, the senior teachers treat me better. It also makes a lot of difference that I always try to co-opearatewhen they ask for assistance. It is the rebellious, non-cooperative, whiny young teachers who often get bullied hahaha.

    So to those about to enter the teaching profession, learn to play your cards right!

  13. Hang on there Koko. I always thought that ragging are stuffs people used to do in schools, just because that those people are immature. But knowing that they still do it even in college, and worst still, among the teachers, its enough to prove that they are narrow minded people.
    Take care there..

  14. Anonymous18/4/09 02:53

    Jarod, regarding photographer, i think Badak can handle it because he is a part time photographer (he has a company registered under his brother's name). He does wedding photographing most of the time.

    But i think it will be better if you can come up as a whole group, because his services equal to some amount of money (this will include printing, editing pictures etc.) if you and your group agree, i can ask him the price and let you know about that.

    perhaps i can ask him to call you.

    hope this will help.

  15. Anonymous18/4/09 15:26

    seniors ~

  16. BlueBloodGirl:
    Well... this post wasn't exactly a testimonial.
    It's more like a call to action.
    Reminding the juniors who will soon become seniors to never forget that they were once juniors who were abused by seniors.

    koko not scared anymore...
    but koko was once a didi, you know?

    Politics help but, as a junior, one should humble oneself & expect to carry the burdens long left unwanted.
    Perhaps after this one would earn the respect of one's seniors.
    I think that young teachers should be nurtured & inspired.
    Not stifled & suppressed with tons & tons of overwhelming work.

    It is not narrow minded actually. It may in some way... be wisdom.
    I have seen the difference between juniors who have been ragged & juniors who have not.
    The ones who have are actually better than those who have not.
    But I admit there are better ways & better ways are what I am encouraging.

    Send me an email, bro.
    I cannot be reached with any kind of phone in this ulu place.
    I'll be looking for someone to do a studio photo of me with my parents. I think Badak would be a great choice. I like him.
    But the graduating day thing need not be so greatly done. I was thinking of getting free favours from amateurs.

    yeap, seniors~~
    You are one now!

  17. stimes the elderly dont necessarily hate us. They just dont understand us. Im lucky to hv a school where altho the headmaster can be umm a wee bit inefficient, and some of the teachers can be VERY annoying and hard to work with (ie my ex head of dept), but there's a bunch of others who serve as my mentors. They give good advice, even when it bites and always give me encouraging words esp when i get ganged upon coz im the youngest at school *blergh*
    But i think they kinda know I do extremely a good job, esp at paperwork and proposals, so now, I get more work coz im being made head of this n that. Double blergh!

    point is - take it in your stride. Do what you do best, and improve on it, coz sooner or later, the ppl who matter will recognize your abilities. Be mad, rant about it, but be cool at the same time. In the end, its your work that they will assess, and that the ppl who matter will sooner or later, recognize that.

    G luck!

  18. Glad to hear that you are making the best of your situation, girl!
    All the best to all of us!

  19. Wow! u have lots of readers here! hehe.. just wanna say i love this poem :)

  20. haha~~
    It's not really a poem...
    But thanks!

  21. i guess this profession is tough, but that makes me even more inspired!

  22. Inspiration is a start.
    Do not ever ever lose your inspiration.

    But before you enter the profession, be sure that you develop your humility, determination, stamina & willpower!


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