Wrath of the Seniors

I remember the time when I first entered collage.
One night during orientation week, I was gathered into a room with the other guys in my course.
We were going to be 'introduced' to our seniors.
That was my my first 'ragging' experience.

I was traumatised. I was deeply struck with fear.
The KDPM 'seniors' came in with yelling & aggressive behaviour.
Anyone who did not sit down, shut up or pay attention was threatened.
That night, I learned how to 'respect' my seniors.

A year later, I became a senior. One with a council position too.
One night, I gathered my juniors and I taught them the 'respect' I learned.
What was passed on to me. I passed on to my successors.
Because I did not know any better, I repeated a grave mistake.

The wrath of the seniors exists in many other contexts.
It may not be the same action. For example, ragging.
But it is something that one generation passes on to the other.
That something also causes great pain & discouragement.

From the general Malaysian context...
(Gathered from freshies & veterans of different circumstances.)

When a new teacher arrives at his/her first school.
The school need not be the perfect Putrajaya school.
He/She is hopeful & enthusiastic anyway.
He/She wants to do something great. Make a difference.

Yet their wide eyes narrow as they receive a yoke beyond their ability.
They get the classes that other teachers do not want.
They get the duties that other teachers do not want.
They get... the wrath of the seniors.

When the burdens get too heavy & they reach out for salvation...
They receive little but this unjust justification:
"Our seniors did this to us. Now it's your turn."
Does this mean that seniors can shake legs while juniors break backs?

Teachers spearhead the development of new generations.
Teachers develop strategies that maximise teaching effectiveness.
Teachers set a shining example of conduct & intellect.
Teachers inspire the young to strife for greater heights.

Who will spearhead the development of new teachers?
Who will be their shining examples?
Who will nurture the new teachers & inspire them?
If not the senior teachers?

To every junior teacher all over Malaysia...
I know your pain. Ours is a shared pain.
But we must rise up. We must be brave.
The wrath of the seniors must end... with us.

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