I Am Hamster

taken from chipchick.com

Don't you just love hamsters?
They're cute, cuddly, clean & well groomed.
They live in a cage that is lovingly bought & ornamented for it.
They run on a treadmill with their all so adorable little legs.

I am a hamster.

Every time I enter my hamster cage, the only thing I do is work on the treadmill.
And just like a hamster treadmill, there is no end to the work.
It just goes on and on and on... and on.
The faster I can run, the faster the treadmill will make me run.

I cannot leave my cage.
There is no way out.
Hamsters need to unplug at a non-work environment.
But there're just these four invisible walls.

I am hamster.
I am 20kgs less.
I am run-out.
I am thinking of some changes.

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