I Think I Am Addicted To Blogs

For the past 2 weeks, the internet connection at school has been scarce.
And when there is a connection (which has been rare), there seems to be a wall between our provider & several major American websites including yahoo, google, blogger & espn.
With no landline or cellphone reception, there was no way to contact the provider to make a complaint.
During that time, I was confined to hotmail & facebook.
Furthermore, I was unable to blog or read other blogs.

It was then that I suddenly realised how important blogs are to me.
They are a form of release. Recreation.
They are a source of pleasure & motivation to me.
Having none of that for 2 weeks has certainly made me feel really depressed & demoralised at work!
My lack of drive has caught me by surprise! (I'm not usually so low in determination.)

Today, the pipeline burst open with speed & unrestricted access!
I'm back in business, baby!
I read all the blogs I didn't read & left comments at almost all of them.
I checked my yahoo mail & replied a whole lot of important emails.

After being unwillingly held back for too long, today I binge...
My overcompensation is way overdue.
I hope this level of connectivity is here to stay...
lest my zeal be gone one day.


  1. Anonymous3/4/09 18:30

    Well, good to know that the connection is back on line good to know that you are white-hot again. but don't browned-off easily, enjoy the MOTHER NATURE hehehehe.

  2. U must be rolling away happily coz ur addiction was attended to~ lol i feel for u man.

  3. yea.. blogs are becoming an integral part of our life. also, i like that it keeps us together altho apart =)

  4. ahaha..u're lucky u still got d internet connection! even we're in ipba have to use our own broadband to get a faster internet connection. lol ;p

  5. Good for u Koko!~ Here in ipba they installed wifi in all classes already. :P
    Have fun and take care there!! :D

  6. Warid:
    Oh, I am already browning...
    I'm also losing weight!


    We all feel the pang of disconnection.

    It does, doesn't it?
    No wonder I find so much comfort reading about each other's experiences.
    But it still doesnt beat actually meeting up!

    Hey, beggars cant be choosers.
    If it's free, why complain right?

    Good to know that they installed wifi in the classes.
    But what's the point when the network is constantly so slow?
    Only a surface value change.

  7. I'm glat that blogs could lift your spirit up. But don't be too dependent on it k. Lets learn how to rely on God for our daily sustenance...have you tried to attend a local church/christian small group in school? You need to connect with other Christians to be able to get motivated again.

  8. Oh man, I feel you!
    My internet is down too. But thank God my college's internet is still okay. Thing is, I dont always spend time in college, so I don't get to binge too! XD

    But anyway, good to hear your internet is back to normal!! =D

  9. I think you're addicted to blogs as much as Im addicted to fashion sites. Hahahaha.

  10. Jezzy:
    You're right, God is my sustenance.

    I have a small problem to attend church here...
    I am isolated & the Christians who stay in school over the weekend dont seem to go to church.
    Many of them are Christians by family; not by choice.
    I haven't actually made a serious attempt at searching for one.
    Maybe if I can get connected with someone in the town nearby.

    Thanks, bro!

    ~~tisk tisk~~


  11. Agreed. Lecturers decided to do learning and exams online, but since the network is so slow, we are not able to pass up assignments or to complete the exams. Haihz. And the aircond, today, it feels like we're in the fridge and the next day, oven. =.="

  12. how's the life in kuching bro? haiz.. well, the internet connection back in Borneo is definitely a bit lagish.. especially if there is a storm around the South East China Sea:P lol.. anyways, keep in touch and heya.. can u email me ur email address ... lol..

  13. Jessica:
    Our lecturers are shining examples of what we should not be.
    We should check the fundamentals before we embark on ambitious awesome sounding programmes.
    Esp when it involves ICTL.

    I'm not in Kuching, dude...
    I'm working in the interiors of Kapit!
    I'm teaching longhouse children...

    My email address is displayed on the sidebar of this blog!
    How did u miss it?


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