I Think I Am Addicted To Blogs

For the past 2 weeks, the internet connection at school has been scarce.
And when there is a connection (which has been rare), there seems to be a wall between our provider & several major American websites including yahoo, google, blogger & espn.
With no landline or cellphone reception, there was no way to contact the provider to make a complaint.
During that time, I was confined to hotmail & facebook.
Furthermore, I was unable to blog or read other blogs.

It was then that I suddenly realised how important blogs are to me.
They are a form of release. Recreation.
They are a source of pleasure & motivation to me.
Having none of that for 2 weeks has certainly made me feel really depressed & demoralised at work!
My lack of drive has caught me by surprise! (I'm not usually so low in determination.)

Today, the pipeline burst open with speed & unrestricted access!
I'm back in business, baby!
I read all the blogs I didn't read & left comments at almost all of them.
I checked my yahoo mail & replied a whole lot of important emails.

After being unwillingly held back for too long, today I binge...
My overcompensation is way overdue.
I hope this level of connectivity is here to stay...
lest my zeal be gone one day.

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