The 1st School Orientation Programme (For Teachers) @ SMK Katibas

A warm welcome by my students! =D
Remember back in September when 2 English Language Officers from the US Department of State visited my school? Well, at the same time, I had the privilege of supervising to a pair of future teachers during their 1 week ROS (school orientation programme) at my school.
Nope, they were not trainees from KPM. They're actually fellows with Teach For Malaysia!

I think that there is not much difference between KPM & TFM’s ROS programmes. Both had information seeking, school observing & reflection writing at the end. The only difference was the mindset of these TFM fellows. Very different from a majority of KPM trainees.
They had enthusiasm &, most importantly, PURPOSE. Instead of treating teaching as a mere job, these two had a mission: to bring about education equality at the level where it makes the most difference... teaching.

This kind of thinking actually sets them up for either great success or great disappointment.
The bad news is: the latter will almost always come before the former. However, if they are persistent & resourceful, they are guaranteed to succeed. That is, if they can survive the initial shock of their first few months.
The good news is: TFM is at its 3rd cohort now &, with so many exemplary seniors to emulate, I believe that they are well on their way to making a BIG difference in the lives of their future students.

Look at that big smile. It was gone at the end of our 3k run! lol!
Their ROS fell on our busiest week of the year so they had plenty to see & take part in.
Firstly, there was the Program Jalinan Kasih Antarabangsa where they rubbed shoulders with the aforementioned English Language Officers. They visited an Iban longhouse. They also judged competitions during the Merdeka ParadeKatibas Idol, Malam Kebudayaan RIMUP & Asrama Terbuka.
One afternoon, they drenched themselves in sweat & jogged under the sun with my PMR students, their mentors & me.

Shearon & Anders in action.
Besides that, they got to observe yours truly teaching & they were given a taste of teaching themselves.
They did very well in those lessons & I can definitely see them teaching in classrooms. They were very positive during their ROS & were thoroughly involved day & night in school programmes.
Our school & my students have benefited greatly from their time at my school.

Getting friendly with the students, staff & teachers.
To Anders & Shearon, I wish the both of you well & I hope that you will prepare yourselves emotionally, mentally & physically for the challenges before you. It will not be easy, but it'll be worth it.
On behalf of my school, I thank you for being willing to come all the way & spending time with us in the jungle. We look forward to inspiring stories from your classrooms.

Mind you, TFM fellows will not be placed in easy schools. No, sir.
KPM decides where they are placed & the deal is they must be placed in challenging schools. They will work with the weakest students with the worst discipline problems. They will go into classes which make regular teachers, like myself, wet our pants yet still be expected to produce results.
That is why I have a lot of respect for TFM fellows & also KPM teachers who are of a similar mould. Unlike many in the teaching line, they actually walk the talk.

Those who can, do. Those who cant... criticise. Which are you?
Feel inspired? Are you highly qualified & confident in your abilities? Are you tired of living a meaningless life? Do you want a real challenge? Do you want to prove yourself? Do you know real altruism? Are you willing to do what it takes to make a difference? Even without reward or support?
If so, sign up here. Welcome to the ultimate test of a person’s talents & skills: teaching.

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