Sunday, November 10

Remedial Instructions Workshop for Secondary School Teachers @ PPD Song

I believe that if I have something good, it is not meant for me to hoard for myself alone; but meant to be shared &, in the end, cause a bigger ripple in the world. That is what courses are meant to do: share best practices which teachers can apply & invigorate their weary souls.

This year, I benefited greatly from 2 Remedial Instructions Workshops I attended in June & September. I was really excited about what I learned during the 2 courses because they were simple yet significant & did not require insane amounts of preparation. The approach/pedagogy/activities we learned were also at the level of our weakest remedial students. A perfect match with my teaching situation.

When I got this new knowledge, I was really excited. I knew that I had to share it because the need was too great. I estimate that 90% of students in Song are remedial students of the English language. ALL of the teachers in Song & also all of Malaysia need what I have learned.

Therefore, I have decided to provide the PowerPoint slides from my workshop for the benefit of those who are interested. Download the slides & do what you do will with it. Make sure that you share what you have learned & be generous like I have been with you.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

I shared games which made drilling feel less painful; instead, more pleasing.
I shared the Total Physical Response.
I took them on a Language Experience Approach.
Also, I selected a articles which I thought were relevant to Remedial Instruction & got the teachers to present about it in small groups. This is one way to 'encourage' course participants to read materials: give them a purpose for doing so.
One thing I regret was not taking a group photograph with them.
Remember these faces, they are the future leaders in our education system.
View all the pictures on my FB page.

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