Kem Jati Diri 2012 @ SMK Katibas

Last weekend, the Warden Board & I helped out at the Kem Jati Diri organised by the Guidance & Counselling Unit (UBK). This camp short-listed 60 at risk students & had the objective of injecting a new spirit & giving these students a new purpose at school.

Out of the 60, 39 students attended. The students were really reluctant at first & very apprehensive because they had the impression that this camp was for bad students. However, they warmed up as we used a warm, enthusiastic & friendly approach to reach out to them. I used a point system to get them to do what I wanted them to do. This works like a charm... Always. A different approach from the harsh day to day nagging & punishment they received from the Wardens almost every day.

One thing about the students from this school is, they are generally good. Even the worst student will respect the teacher & will be willing to do any kind of work. No hardcore gangsters or undertakers here. Those kinds of students would not have been able to withstand the pressure & attention the Warden Board lavishes on them every day. Unlike many Warden Boards out there, we really take care of our students.

The activities include: building your own tent, decorating it, maintaining it, cooking your own meals, self-realisation workshops, self-efficacy workshops, goal-setting workshops, late night torture, early morning physical activities & so on.
I'll let the pictures do most of the taking.

Setting up & decorating their tents.
To motivate them further, I made it a competition for points.
Participants & teachers cooked for themselves!
Some students were really good cooks!
The various activities of the weekend.
BBQ & sharing on the final night.
Some of the students were able to come up with really mature thoughts.
All in all, I think the camp achieved its objective in sowing in the students a realisation that they can actually do better & allowing them the chance to make their own decisions on the right way to go. Only time will tell if they follow through but already I can see attitude shifts in the students.

Kudos to the 2 counsellors, wardens & teachers who came down to help! You guys are really awesome! Sorry for the lost weekend though... God will reward you definitely! =)

That makes it 2 consecutive weekends at work. The weekend before, I was involved in Asrama Terbuka.
I really feel like taking a break this weekend & resupplying but we have a replacement day on Saturday. I will most likely take the day off.
What do you think? Should I?

You can check out even more pics on my FB Page.


  1. very nice. :) It is so nice to see the smiles on these kids. it is nice to know that there are people out there who still believes in them. This camp must've meant alot to most of them who attended! *clap clap!*

    1. Definitely caused a change in attitude for some of them.
      Thanks, Celine!

  2. Oh this made me miss my Girls Scout day... Camping and nature tripping.. :(

  3. Anonymous10/8/12 01:18

    it is a realy great camp.. For sure, they are much better than some city boy cause they can survive well. the great part it's not just about how they can cook without nature gas or stove, they team up, find fire wood n build stove using disposed metal, light up fire n cook on small cookware. motivated by several section of LDK by BDK.. well, next time we can introduce some iQ game for them. they need do more thinking n to get special treat for the camp s a reward for thinker. cause i think they have no problem with the skill. just they dont like to think.

    1. This is something that we can suggest to the UBK. Ultimately, they decide what is best for the students based on their informed observations.
      As Wardens, we have a different kind of responsibility but we are doing even more than UBK because, frankly, nobody cares except us.

  4. i think you should..
    i always admire ur guts and enthusiasm towards this kind of activity..
    thats what makes a good teacher..
    the activities seemed fun and wonder the objectives were achieved

    1. You can be a good teacher too. Looking forward to witnessing it.


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