Wednesday, August 8

Kem Jati Diri 2012 @ SMK Katibas

Last weekend, the Warden Board & I helped out at the Kem Jati Diri organised by the Guidance & Counselling Unit (UBK). This camp short-listed 60 at risk students & had the objective of injecting a new spirit & giving these students a new purpose at school.

Out of the 60, 39 students attended. The students were really reluctant at first & very apprehensive because they had the impression that this camp was for bad students. However, they warmed up as we used a warm, enthusiastic & friendly approach to reach out to them. I used a point system to get them to do what I wanted them to do. This works like a charm... Always. A different approach from the harsh day to day nagging & punishment they received from the Wardens almost every day.

One thing about the students from this school is, they are generally good. Even the worst student will respect the teacher & will be willing to do any kind of work. No hardcore gangsters or undertakers here. Those kinds of students would not have been able to withstand the pressure & attention the Warden Board lavishes on them every day. Unlike many Warden Boards out there, we really take care of our students.

The activities include: building your own tent, decorating it, maintaining it, cooking your own meals, self-realisation workshops, self-efficacy workshops, goal-setting workshops, late night torture, early morning physical activities & so on.
I'll let the pictures do most of the taking.

Setting up & decorating their tents.
To motivate them further, I made it a competition for points.
Participants & teachers cooked for themselves!
Some students were really good cooks!
The various activities of the weekend.
BBQ & sharing on the final night.
Some of the students were able to come up with really mature thoughts.
All in all, I think the camp achieved its objective in sowing in the students a realisation that they can actually do better & allowing them the chance to make their own decisions on the right way to go. Only time will tell if they follow through but already I can see attitude shifts in the students.

Kudos to the 2 counsellors, wardens & teachers who came down to help! You guys are really awesome! Sorry for the lost weekend though... God will reward you definitely! =)

That makes it 2 consecutive weekends at work. The weekend before, I was involved in Asrama Terbuka.
I really feel like taking a break this weekend & resupplying but we have a replacement day on Saturday. I will most likely take the day off.
What do you think? Should I?

You can check out even more pics on my FB Page.

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