Stabbed In The Head

Hi there! It's English Week this week but I'll write about it next weekend.
Very excited about English Language Night this Thursday. Will definitely share the pics!
Anyway, I want to talk about the 2 migraine attacks I had this weekend.

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I'm healthy. I watch what I eat. I exercise both mentally & physically. I vent my stress.
I rarely have headaches or migraines. I can't remember the last time I had one that didn't result from a night of binge drinking.
Furthermore, I just cant imagine why it had to happen on one of the most relaxing nights of my year!
At that time I was lazing around watching "How I Met Your Mother" in my boxers while chewing on meat Kong-Piang (Stuffed Fried FooChow Bagels) & sipping on a mug of Meadow Fresh milk with nothing on my mind but an unwavering determination to do nothing.

Suddenly, it came. Without warning.
I wasn't aware of it at first but soon I started to feel nauseated & dizzy.
The pain was concentrated above my right eyebrow.It was not a throbbing pain. It was constant & boy was it intense.
I couldn't concentrate on anything.

To make things worse, white smoke was pouring into my dim apartment like milk mixed into a cup of black Nescafe.
It was thick. It was overpowering. You could touch the clouds & feel it clogging your lungs.
This happens once in a while because my neighbours are vegetable gardeners & their way of waste disposal is via incineration. More often than desired, the wind carries the smog into my apartment instead of theirs.

I couldn't stay in the living room because of the billowing smoke.
I couldn't do any reading or video watching because of the migraine.
So I decided it was probably best to go to bed... at 7.30pm on a Friday night. Nice~~
I found that lying on the painful side of the head does alleviate the pain a tad bit & helped me drift into a painful sleep full of nightmares of girls loving & then leaving me.

The next morning, I got a migraine attack again while watching "How I Met Your Mother" topless in my boxers after my breakfast of crackers, 3 sunny side up eggs & a mug of Nescafe.
This one was less severe than the one before.

Somehow I came up with a hill-billy idea of applying a cold can of coke to the afflicted area and...
It was legendary!
Successfully finished Season 6 migraine free!

taken from
Guys!, guys! Check out this video of this Asian dude in his boxers who we gave a migraine to!
Then, I did some Wikireading on migraines.
Apparently the causes are unknown but it can be triggered by stress, hunger, fatigue or poor indoor light/air quality.
The pain is caused by the constriction and dilation of blood vessels in the brain.
After the blood vessels dilate, some fluid leaks out of the walls of the blood vessels.
The leakage is recognised by pain receptors & thus: heart beat = fluids leak = pain.
Alarmingly, frequent migraines may cause brain damage. YIKES!

It's times like these I wish I had a woman to care for me.
Or a man. I'm not picky.

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