Pertandingan Video Merdeka: Seruan Merdeka Anak Desa (SMK Katibas)

Here it is! What you've all been waiting for!
My long delayed sharing of the video my students and I made for the Pertandingan Mencipta Video Merdeka 2011 as promised here.
It was already ready to share last week & I wanted to put it on YouTube but I did not have an Internet connection stable enough or fast enough to upload a 250MB file onto the Internet without disconnecting or taking FOREVER!
So last night, I stayed over in a friend's house in Song & left the computer uploading overnight to bring the production right to your computer screen.

The concept of this video is simplicity at the far end of complexity.
The purpose of the video is to give viewers a short & sweet glimpse of what life is like for a majority of young people in the interiors of Sarawak who live mostly from hand to mouth.

Basically, the story is centred around a boy called Moses. He is a mommy's boy and what many would call a good boy. His father works far away so he is forced at a young age to help his mom be a provider for the family.
With access to ICT, he reads about the 3 major races & how they worked together in the struggle for national independence. Unsatisfied with just reading about them, he longs for a relationship with people from every ethnicity because, to him, that is the true spirit of 1Malaysia.
In the end, he shows that he is willing to go the extra mile to achieve his ambitions. He wants to make his parents proud by studying hard to get a scholarship for his studies and achieving the true spirit of 1Malaysia.

View the video with an open mind & a desire to get to know a hidden away people of our nation.
If you are able, extend a helping hand by supporting their products at the market, donating used items whenever there is a disaster at the longhouse and looking at this young culture with kindness & love.

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