Migraine Management Tips From Daddie

Last week, I wrote about the migraine attack I had & immediately after reading it, my father sent me a useful email with tips on how to manage migraines. It's unorthodox so be ready for some simple but surprising reactions to these...

During Migraine Pain:
taken from yogajournal.com
  1. To relieve the pain, use right finger to block right nostril and breathe normally through left nose until clear.
  2. Search for a pressure point by pressing around the line separating the upper and lower arm near to the elbow. Either arm will do. It hurts the most when pressed. Massage/press it until pain subsides.

Migraine Prevention:
It's more complicated than it looks. Want instructions? =)
  1. Holding a Qi Gong Ma Pu stance for at least 30mins every day. Also good for every day health/exercise substitute.
  2. Stay away from direct aircon or fan blowing on your body especially the head.
    The most common cause of migraine is direct blow of aircon, fan or window breeze during sleep. 
Thanks, dad!
Now you've helped me as well as the world find relief from migraines!

Do try these out & see if they work!


  1. I agree with no. 2. Aren't there certain kinds of food to avoid as they may trigger migraine attacks? Chocolates?

  2. Thanks for the tips, will try the next time I get migraine....tried the breathing thru the nose before, didn't work for me. Will try the elbow trick :)

  3. Anonymous30/9/11 23:12

    worse come worse, nothing beats painkiller bro. hopefully you're all right now.

  4. Arthur: No 2 is hard to avoid, isn't it? hahaha~~

    Anny: Actually, I had a minor attack a few days ago & I couldn't breathe through my left nostril!
    Is there a connection?

    Also, I couldn't find the pressure point on my elbow. Will ask dad to show me.

    Nigel: I'm not really into popping pills, dude. au naturel.


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