Saturday, March 5

The Perfect Wife

I'm sure there was a time in your life when you were so naive to think that you could write down a shopping list for the perfect spouse & bring it around with you; checking it off with every guy or girl you knew.
Who knows, you might have a match & then be happily married, right?
hahaha~~ Childhood. Good times.

Well, if I were to ever list down what I want in a woman or what a perfect wife would be, there's one person I know who would fulfil the check-list to the dot.
She's pretty, fashionable, thrifty, confident, photogenic, friendly, sporty, sporting, accommodating, smart, creative, multi-talented, hard-working, ambitious, determined, idealistic, altruistic, highly considerate, generous, laughs at my jokes even when I think it's lame, religious, VERY PATIENT, naughty, nasty, tasty, angelic, virginal and many more!
Most importantly, she can cook, clean, sew, make her own money & she's very respectful to her parents.

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She has really built herself up into a superbly wonderfully perfect wife.
But she was not to be mine. sigh~~~
This post is dedicated to you... wherever you are...

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