The Perfect Wife

I'm sure there was a time in your life when you were so naive to think that you could write down a shopping list for the perfect spouse & bring it around with you; checking it off with every guy or girl you knew.
Who knows, you might have a match & then be happily married, right?
hahaha~~ Childhood. Good times.

Well, if I were to ever list down what I want in a woman or what a perfect wife would be, there's one person I know who would fulfil the check-list to the dot.
She's pretty, fashionable, thrifty, confident, photogenic, friendly, sporty, sporting, accommodating, smart, creative, multi-talented, hard-working, ambitious, determined, idealistic, altruistic, highly considerate, generous, laughs at my jokes even when I think it's lame, religious, VERY PATIENT, naughty, nasty, tasty, angelic, virginal and many more!
Most importantly, she can cook, clean, sew, make her own money & she's very respectful to her parents.

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She has really built herself up into a superbly wonderfully perfect wife.
But she was not to be mine. sigh~~~
This post is dedicated to you... wherever you are...


  1. got to admit i had to check the definition of the word altruistic .. in dictionary :)

  2. There are just too many English words! haha~~
    I learned this one from a book: Super Freakonomics.

  3. wah, u sure such women exist? i would like to marry her too ;)

  4. Anny: then i marry jarod LOL

  5. Anny: Yes, she does. I can give you her number if you want! hahaha~~

    Warid: WTH. I'm sorry... Only girls allowed! haha~~

  6. Anonymous23/3/11 02:02

    (I'll be honest and tactful, as your tag suggests.)

    I am very sorry, but reading what you wrote here, and what you wrote in a later post about lost relationships, I think you got it in reverse.

    It's about you too, but not in the way that you have written.

    It's about - what you can mean and bring into the relationship for and to the other person, always, and always, too, what you can bring into it should be more than what the other person will mean and can bring into the relationship to you, especially after marriage.

    Good luck.

  7. Thanks for sharing.
    Few people care to critique constructively fearing backlash.
    I do appreciate it.

    I am aware that men have an equal part to play in contributing to a relationship.
    I was focusing on what she gave as an indirect way of complimenting this person.
    I was in no way putting up an impossible check-list for future partners.


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