I Give Up On Relationships?

This may or may not surprise you but I've only had a few relationships in my life.
Of course, I do flirt... a lot... but I never let things go beyond words.
I will only go for someone that I really like & I don't get one just for fun.
I'm not greedy neither, I will wait for the 1 girl that is potentially the be all & end all.
When I'm in a relationship, I don't say it enough but I really feel & care deeply for the other person.
I take relationships very seriously & I am willing to carry it to my grave.

taken from todaysseniorsnetwork.com
This is what I want... A partner to share life with.
Then again, all of my relationships have failed for one reason or another.
After the end of my last relationship, I decided to pour myself into my work.
I spent extra time with the students, made extra ambitious plans & poured my love into the school.
I wanted to make something of myself & see how far I could progress.
To a certain extent, my busyness was able to distract me from my loneliness.

You know, everything happens for a reason.
A few days ago, I paid a surprise visit to a near stranger & took her out to lunch.
During the few hours with her, she reminded me of all the good things about women.
I felt a familiar stirring in my heart that I had buried with logic & ignorance.

A few days later, I found myself staring out of a window at a park full of children & families leisurely spending time together.
I found myself imagining & fantasising about my future family once again.
It's not entirely unpleasant. It was in fact, very much warm & fuzzy.
I found myself wondering who she will be & what my children will be like.

taken from fairypark.com
When you see families doing family things, do you feel something in your heart?
I do.
Whoever my partner is, I believe I'll meet her in time.
I won't hunt or hurry.
I will put my faith in God just like I have in many other areas of my life.
He knows what's best for me.
Hopefully, I will be able to read the signs & hints He puts up.

And as for that girl I surprised, she actually gave me an even bigger surprise.
Though nothing will become of us due to distance & time, she awakened something inside of me & reminded me about something very important.
For this, I thank her.

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