Leadership Camp, Kuching, KL & Johore

I'm somewhat jaded. After a long & tiring period at work as well as staying for about 5 weeks in the jungle without returning to civilisation, I was at the brink of insanity.
The mid-semester holiday brings a welcome change of pace as well as a revitalising homecoming to the big city.
But first, I have to discipline myself to spend a weekend with a select group of students & a few other unfortunate teachers running our school's Leadership Camp for the prefects, monitors & PRS.

Although they are comparatively easy to mould, these simple folk need a lot of input, direction & many boys have ego issues. We managed to achieve a breakthrough with most. It is inevitable that some left in the same condition as they came.

The smiles here are deceptive. It's because we're celebrating the end of the camp & relishing the thought of FREEDOM! HOHOHOHOHO~~~

During these long days & long nights of brainwashing, character-building, team-building, yelling, pushing, breaking & feeling a cocktail of emotions about the students, I've learned a significant lot about how to shape a character during camp. Mostly because this time around, I'm actually conducting stuff & leading instead of looking at everything through the lens of an impossibly costly shutter device.
You have to say things that are catchy, smart, twisted, funny, logical, morally correct & brain-washy at the same time.
We've shaped a few leaders during the camp & we've found a few good ones which we will continue to invest ourselves in as time goes by.
My hope is that they will one day become somebody big & in return come back to this backward place to lift up their own stubborn people.

Anyway, I'm currently savouring my second day of holiday.
Yesterday, I did all that I needed to do so that today I could lavish myself with that which has eluded me for too long... guess... it starts with the letter S... No, it's not sex... but SLEEP!
It's absolutely refreshing to sleep all day!
Aren't you jealous?

Tomorrow, I'll be flying to KL & staying at TuneHotels.
I plan to spend 2 days in KL. I want to catch up with several awesome people there & I want to get some interior deco from IKEA & such. I'm also in the hunt for a perfect tie-pin. Looked in Kuching, Sibu & Penang. Now, the search continues in KL.
After I get a tie-pin, I promise to get a few more ties & wear a tie like a good teacher should.
If I fail, I will get one in Bandung in June as well as an assortment of ties & shirts to match.
How gay can I get? huhu~~

On Friday, I'll be hitching a ride either with Rachel (12am) or Nas (2pm) to Batu Pahat, Johore, for a B2M2B reunion party!
Looking forward to catching up & partying with the boys! WOOOO!!!

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