My First Week As Ketua Waden

Welcome to the new year!

I ended last year victoriously &, drawing from my 2 year teaching experience & imagination, I had a pretty good idea of what I want to do with my English L. classes, my English L. panel, the English L. Society & the school magazine the following year.
During the holidays, I spent a substantial amount of time reflecting & playing different scenarios repeatedly in my head.
I was confident in bringing into reality a lot of new things/ideas to my 4 main portfolios this year.

Suddenly, in the final month of 2010, I was appointed Chief Warden when I volunteered to just be a Warden.
I thought that I should be making some money (RM240 warden allowance) since I'm staying back at school so often during the weekends & during the holidays.
The principal & other key people thought that I'd be an ideal candidate for Chief Warden.
I was apprehensive but I decided to accept the challenge since I was promised support from the administration & the incumbent Chief Warden.

Come the first week, I was fully immersed myself in my duties as a CW.
I went down to the hostels early for the first 2 mornings & stayed there until late for the first 2 nights.
I was at the hostels every day making sure that the students were okay & they had everything they needed. I constantly reminded them about cleanliness & care for hostel property.
I organised my first spot check on Thursday night & I was down every night checking on the students in the classrooms during night self-study.
I prepared as much of the documents/forms required to run the hostels & its programmes as I could with what I could find.

I was going above & beyond the chief warden's call of duty partly because I wanted to learn as much as I could about the life & duty of a warden & also because I wanted to prove myself to the other wardens & set a good example. Especially since I was never a warden before.

To tell you the truth, it's tiring. Very VERY Tiring.
Most nights I slept late & woke up early.
I still had to teach & run the English Panel. Soon, I will assemble the English L. Society & get the School Magazine committee moving.

During the first week, I felt very inadequate because the students did not fear me & I didn't have instant command.
The students will still do everything I say but they wont do it at an instant & there was no reverent fear they had with the previous CW.
For many nights, I pondered if I should change my ways & show off my temper & be rough on them just to gain instant command & fear.
It would be a great boost to the ego to have them cower in fear in my presence & I would also gain instant respect from my colleagues (coz we teachers secretly love to torture students). My cruel exploits might even evolve into urban legends & be spread from generation to generation.

Very appealing isn't it?
But I dont want to leave a legacy of fear. I want their respect & obedience but I dont mind working for it & earning it instead of forcing a pretence of it out of self-preservation.
I dont want to teach them that violence is okay when you have power.
I want to be a reasonable man. I will reason with them. I will warn them first before I punish them.
When I punish them, I want them to understand that I'm doing it because I care for them. I want to teach them what is right. Then, I'll wack the stars out of them.

But I will not touch the girls. I will slap the boys like dogs but I will not slap a girl. I'll probably only go as far as a rotan or pulling of ears.
I dont want to show that females can be beaten when they are wrong (which is what many of the men do).
Anyway, the girls are so nice to me & they're the most obedient & hardworking at all times!

Let me end by sharing with you my vision for the hostels as Chief Warden.

My Short Term Plans:
- students have a mattress, pillow & cabinet each
- students have enough to eat
- students are quiet during night study
- the hostels are clean & loved

My Long Term Plans:
- walkie-talkies & flash-lights for principal, PK HEM, CW, wardens on duty & guards
- more gazebos in the hostel grounds
- decorative statues/sculptures in the hostel grounds
- a gym
- a dance studio
- a storehouse for recreational equipment
- a comprehensive mini-library


  1. Anonymous8/1/11 22:36

    could totally understand why the girls were the 'obedient' ones... lol... but seriously, great job!

  2. Good luck in scrapping-off the list in your plans! They deserve a conducive atmosphere if not an excellent place to stay while studying.

  3. Most schools that I knew of, the chief warden was not given any other duty... Looks like you're being shortchanged/taken advantage of, eager beaver...and everybody dumps everything on you. Well, still young and very energetic, never mind! Good luck...and do what you do, do well.

  4. J, best of luck for the visions you have for the school. Knowing you and your determination I'm sure you'll see it through.


    ps: love the picture!

  5. One thing that would work fast to get them boys under control is get a deputy, a really scary looking and acting deputy. Let the deputy do all the dirty job. And when he does, explain to them kids why it has to be done in a good manner.

    That, or,
    You can be firm, and all smiles all the way. Slow respect coming for you but better.

    ***note, you can ignore this one***

    Or, you can get some yakuza/mafia/triad style going for your CW management job that involves the kids. This suggestion is best for only certain type of kids.

    ***note, you can ignore this one***

    Good Luck Chief Warden!!!!!

  6. Anonymous12/1/11 17:55

    how lucky you are... i have not had a chance to touch my teaching record yet.... my school is closed due to banjir... oh... not to mention that my school has not had our first meeting yet... slow slow slow slow slow

  7. Felicia: Actually, the girls are getting bolder & bolder every year!
    During my first year, they were all very very shy & tended to avoid me.
    Last year, I started hearing random whispers when I walk pass or distant shouts of 'I love you'. They hide & escape when I look around for the source.
    This year, some of them say it to my face & look me in the eye after that. They will call out to me just to wish me 'good morning'.

    I cant imagine what they'll do next year when they get older, bolder & wilder!

    Pame: Will do!

    Arthur: Which gives me the authority to EMPOWER & DELEGATE while I enjoy all the credit & fruits of other peoples' labour.

    The truth is... I do most of the sheet myself but over time I'll gather/attract like-minded people around/under me & set them loose on what they are passionate about.

    Sarah: When do you want to visit?

    Nas: Classic. Good cop/Bad cop. Great idea!

    Warid: HOLIDAY!!! WHEEEEEEE!!!


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