Empurau 2010 - My Best & My Last

SMK Katibas - Empurau Magazine 2010
It's finally out! It was actually out 3 weeks ago. haha~~
My 2nd SMK Katibas school magazine.
I can truly say it's mine because this time I've made significant changes to it & put in my soul & spirit into making it the best magazine any school could dream of.
All the careful planning, dream dreaming, delegating, information sourcing, sponsor soliciting, photo taking/editing/arranging, typing, editing & translating BM to English (Yes, it's a school magazine that is wholly in English!) comes down to this little RM10 book.

Here a hint of how cool this magazine is
I am very proud of this book & the team that supported me in it's production but I was let down by the printer, one Vicskill Printing of Sibu.
They gave a really good offer of significantly extra coloured pages for the same price as our previous printer, Kai Ming of Sibu, but they printed the black & white pages very badly & they did not arrange the page borders properly.
Bloody hell, they printed some pages darker than others & some pages so light, a cheap photocopy would look better!

I felt betrayed when I flipped through the completed book for the first time.
It was as if somebody sunk a large kitchen knife through the heart of my newborn child.
Their samples were flawless for the larger schools but, for mine, an atrocity.
Was it because we were an obscure school printing a minuscule amount?

I was really pissed. Actually, I still am. Neither have I been compensated in any way!
When I brought the issue up with the management, they just looked at me blankly! WTF?!!
When I asked them to compensate by printing out 10-20 copies perfectly, they asked me to list down the bad pages for them & come back later with the list.
WTF? Shouldn't THEY be the ones to do this? And to think they did not even apologise.
Well, F you. That's how hurt I am.
Why did you ever vouch for them, Arthur?

No matter. The students still loved the magazine nonetheless.
And I still received plenty of compliments.
One person even called it a 4-star magazine!
How undiscerning. hahaha~~

Well, I'm very deeply saddened that the final product did not live up to my expectations. Everything was perfect except the printing.
Even more so when this was supposed to be my best & last.
Yes, this will sadly be my last magazine.

I'm really swamped as Chief Warden so I have to teach someone else to take over the production.
I have already got a team in place & I plan to put in more members for him so that he will not have to do as much as I did the past 2 years.
The magazine will go on in a different direction from the vision of a different man.

It has been a blast.
I've learnt so much through both the 2009 & 2010 productions.
I've met many people who have greatly encouraged & supported me.
But it's time to move on to bigger & better things.

I shall not interfere with future productions unless I am sought.
However, I will go after the printers for my PERFECT best & last.
My heart demands that I simply must have my baby.
That's how much effort & love I've put into the production.


  1. Ah, I feel you man. I feel you. I remember when I was working with The Hailer, the quality of printing WAS of much importance, so I get why you're soooo angry about.

    But nevertheless, I like the new cover's design! Much better than the last year's. =) Good job on that! =)

  2. Anonymous23/1/11 07:45

    Oh dear! Perhaps it was because you did not deal with them directly - did everything through that middleman.

    Mine had always been satisfactory as I would pop by regularly and walk around the machines to see them printing some of the pages and giving my comments...and I think my close working relationship helped a lot - she would make sure everything was satisfactory.

    I guess sometimes, it's not what you do but who you know... You will find a lot of this in the Education Department/Ministry as the years go by.

    If it's any consolation, the cover looks really...really great.

  3. Anonymous23/1/11 07:52

    P.S. You went because KaiMing could not do it for you or for some reason like that, you said. I only said they were much better than Kai Ming (and from what I heard, they may be excellent sometimes and at other times, miserably disastrous - no quality control) based on my own personal experiences... Especially in the later years, MY school magazine was the envy of all - I guess I (and the manager, Mdm Lau) was the quality control...

    Next time, I know better to just keep my big mouth shut!

  4. Keep your cool, Jarod.
    I guess that's how harsh the real world is.

    If it's any compensation, I literally went all 'Yes!' after seeing this entry. Yes, the fan-following extended to the Peninsular Malaysia!

    Let's just hope the magazine next year is just as awesome. Cheers.

  5. Wow, that was disapointing... But on the bright side, ypu have tried your best! And i believe deep inside and very much outside you are proud of yourself. Well, you should!

    On the other hand, i will still try my best to get the best copy reprinted if i were you. Tell me how it goes later.

  6. Jon: Thanks, dude! I brought in a person who was good at graphics to do the cover & graphics for the 2010 magazine & it was the best decision ever.
    It was a great experience working with him too. Would have loved to do it again this year... sigh~~

    Arthur: Dont worry about it.
    I had a feeling that I needed to check up on their progress. Anyway, there's no use in crying over spilt milk.

    I'm going back there this Friday & I'm going to demand at least 20 PERFECT copies.
    Want to join the parade?

    Vio: Get ready! A copy for your school library is already in the post!
    Never knew that you were a fan. Thanks! Made my day! =)

    Izzy: I am proud of it because I know how it was supposed to come out. I cant believe I paid someone to make a blunder.
    Will go back & demand perfect copies!! I MUST!!!

  7. I have had a few years working experience with Vicskill. Mdm Lau makes sure everything runs smoothly. We have never been disappointed. perhaps u were unlucky n yr work was put in the hands of a new employee?

  8. at least i think Mdm Lau was her name :) the last time we dealt with her was two yrs ago.

  9. Oh wow. The cover looks really good but I love the picture of the team, so mengada :P

  10. Beng: I was EXTREMELY unlucky. I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied.
    Must go back & demand a few good copies.

    Sarah: Of coz, how else will people think we're cool if we dont sell ourselves as cool?
    I really hate those badly taken school magazine committee pictures.


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