Public Speaking & Debate Competitions: Are Students Really The Participants?

For the past 2 weeks, I've been preoccupied with preparing 2 speeches for the Public Speaking competition & rewriting 2 scripts for the Debate team of my school.
Unfortunately, my students are yet to possess the intellectual & linguistic competence to write a high level script on their own.
So it's up to the teachers to write the scripts for them & train them to read (no, I mean deliver) the scripts effectively.
The best part is... some of the educators are less than competent themselves... which means extra work for me: proof-reading & rephrasing.
Call me conceited but the longer I work here, the more I feel that I'm head & shoulders above the rest. Either that or I work too hard.

That's what I've been doing day, night & even through the weekends.
That's on top of my official duties of preparing for lessons, carrying lessons out, extra classes, marking exercises, co-curricular activities & setting papers for the coming exams.
Oh, let's not forget that I'm also reviving the English Language Society which until now has only existed in name.
We're meeting every week & we've run several activities already.

It's strange. Instead of feeling bogged down & worn out...
I feel energised & even more motivated to do better.
The students.
They react so well to my input & they are absorbing all that I give them like blood-thirsty sponges.
They also manage to surprise me with their creativity, obedience & considerate gestures.
I love them so much. They fuel my passion.

I'm just curious...
At your school, who is really participating in these competitions?
Do the teachers do most of the work, like in my school, or are your students left on their own?

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