For The Children

Sometimes I wonder why I work so hard.
The more I slave the more apparent I work alone.
For many, this is just another job. Just another vocation. Just another way to put food on the table.
There’s no spark, no desire, no romance.

Do what is required, make sure there is documentation & recognition.
Anything extra is not necessary.
Why waste time on something outside of your job description?
Buat apa mau susah-susah? Itu bukan kerja kamu!

Why am I the only one to go ahead & plan an activity-full year for the 2 clubs that I am put in-charge of fully aware that I may have to oversee every activity myself even when others are assigned to it as well? Why not just meet the students once a month, sing a few songs, shout at them a little bit & get the compulsory meetings over & done with like the others?
Why do I complete 2 scripts to the best of my abilities for another person’s competition just to receive another 2 when I have already made it clear that I need to work on my competition which is due at the same time & was put on hold for this person?
Why do I ask for more periods or conduct extra classes when I have already 24 to work with every week?
Why do I care so much about these jungle children who are not even mine?

My endlessly toiling body is fuelled by a painfully passionate soul leaning on a bent yet unbreakable spirit.
My treasure is where my heart is.
All things are possible for me who believes.
I am the light of the world. See my works & praise my Father in heaven.

In my heart, I know I am not alone.
Around this country there are countless others who carry a similar yoke.
We are where much should have been done.
The only difference between us & those before us is we stood up & said “I will”.

We labour not in vain but with hope in our hearts & a vision in our minds.
We lead the way for those whose hearts seek purpose & truth.
It takes only one to make a difference.
Will you promote meritocracy or mediocrity?


  1. Anonymous18/4/10 12:13

    Whatever you do unto the least of your brethren, you do unto Me...

  2. some people told me the same thing 'extra work is not necessary'..sometimes i felt its true, coz sometimes we will get blame for the extra work one will appreciate...

  3. Anonymous18/4/10 22:22

    Keep the fire burning, bro! :)

  4. Anonymous19/4/10 06:11

    Re, Alice's comment:
    God will appreciate...and you will be blessed in His own ways. Always remember that and listen to "the voice within"...for if you expect appreciation from the "pihak atasan", forget it! You'll be bitterly disappointed.

    Anyway, you're working for the kids...not for them or for yourself. Give them your best and be happy that you have done something good in this world. Once you open up to your kids, they will reciprocate. But if you are looking for monetary rewards, you're in the wrong profession! Period!

  5. think the he only reason why we work hard for the kids is they give meaning to our lives.. i'm just no one without them

  6. Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.

  7. Because only 1% of the teachers sincerely do their best, for a better nation.

    You care.
    And that's awesome.

    Our country will be so advanced with more teachers who work extra hard for the children.

  8. i wanna do extra work because i know i need to help these children.. but i have this fear in me that people would mock me for working too hard... but, after reading this, i guess i shouldnt care much about what people say... hoho.. thanks, jarod!!~

    and i know we [u, other teachers and i] do this for the children whom we care to much to just barely do it..

  9. You do the extras because you know that even the smallest extra effort does make a difference.

    You are an inspiration, baby. Dont let that slip away.

  10. Arthur: Yes, many of my students are Catholics.
    God put me here for a reason. I'm going to find out what it is by doing my best for the students.

    Alice: For me, I have an administration that appreciates my efforts. They support me with whatever I need & approve my ideas.
    A few of the students can see my efforts & that is good enough for me.
    Besides, I get a hefty paycheck each month & can hardly spend it.

    Gabriel: You too!

    Nisa: wow~~ I do not feel like that. I feel like I am someone big but I'm here to make them bigger than me.

    Wilson: I'm a teacher. I have to write well.

    Vio: Unfortunately, that is far from the reality. Many Malaysians enter the teaching profession as a last choice or because they want a steady job.
    To them, it's just a job & they treat it that way. Not wanting to put in anything extra.
    To me, it's a passion. A labour of love.
    The results of our work will be very different.

    Zurina: I have learned to be thick skinned, ignore haters & relentlessly defend myself.
    I wont take any nonsense because I do more work than many of you put together.
    You have a problem with me? Put your money where your mouth is or I will stick my boot so high up yours that you'll be eating from your rear end.

    Sawi: Thanks, baby!

  11. Thank you for being so passionate. People will see it. Maybe not all, but there'll be a few who will see it and recognize you for your passion, perseverance and stealth.

    Sometimes battling seems like a one-man job, but give up not. I know it's easier written (said) than done, but please - really - do not give up.

    You inspire a lot of us, including me, to leave nothing to chance, to take everything into one's hands and make it good, to take ownership of one's job and one's being. So don't let go of that quality in you. I believe it is no coincidence you are sent to where you are. It's because you were meant to make a difference there. So I beseech you to continue lighting the place with your light, for those who see you will see Christ. Those who come in contact with you will realize you are someone they should and will look up to.

    Rock on. You are an inspiration. =)

  12. Anonymous24/4/10 15:32

    "Besides, I get a hefty paycheck each month & can hardly spend it." Come! Come! Come to Sibu every weekend and I'll help you spend it. How about a treat at Secret Recipe? Hehehehehe!

  13. Jon: Thanks, buddy!
    Sometimes it is hard but I try. =)

    Arthur: You dont need Secret Recipe... You need a diet. Seriously. haha~~


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