My Nationalistic Awakening

Kepada Semua Warganegara Malaysia...
Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan!
To all Malaysians, happy Independence Day!

I look upon this year's Independence Day with great patriotic fervour.
I am grateful that every Malaysian citizen still has some say in how the country is to be run & I am glad that Malaysia is currently experiencing the teething struggles of a truly democratic country.

I used to be a neutral I-don't-mess-with-you you-don't-mess-with-me jaded indifferent uninterested inhabitant of this country.
As long as I can make a living & enjoy life, I don't care who wins the elections.
The only politicians I could name were merely Mahathir, Badawi & (recently) Najib.
Heck, I wouldn't even bother to register to vote.
Neither would I read about current events.. I'd just go straight to the comics or football news!
But all that has changed since my nationalistic awakening.

I would prefer not to comment much on the current political situation of the country lest I draw unwanted affection from certain parties.
But I will say that the political fuss & muss of controversies & allegations occurring this year has held my interest captive.
I love a good story with a good twist.
All the complexities & ulterior motives in the latest season of the Malaysian political drama has given me a lot of excitement!
I cannot wait to see what unfolds in the next episode!

Soon, I started paying more attention to current events in the mainstream media.
Then, I started reading about the same current events from the alternative media.
Currently, I have already registered to vote.
In the future, when the time comes for me to put my patriotism into action, I will do so without hesitation.

For patriotism is not in back-biting, arguments, protests, bloodshed or war but in the pen & paper during balloting day.
That is where every citizen's true power lies.

The highest level of patriotism is displayed when we use our power to choose representatives that will serve the best interests of our country.
Have you registered to vote yet?


  1. i have and ive already voted twice!!~ hehe..

  2. Anonymous31/8/09 12:25

    i'm underage to vote

  3. I used to feel a great sense of pride for the country and even defended it against attacks made by fellow malaysians who pooh poohed the country for its flaws. I spoke highly of the country when asked by my foreigner friends back in my uni days.

    But then, the pride is washed away slowly, as each year brings more sad revelations of what the country has become. What I would consider as a truly harmony multiracial country just a decade back, is now existing merely on superficial multiculturalism.

    I still love Msia for it is where I call home. But it is only 'home' because of the family and friends I have, and the memories I have built in it. I am thankful for the peace, thankful for the opportunities - but I am sick tired of the political dramas that never fail to embarrass me as a Malaysian.

  4. i've just registered as a voter yesterday..


    selamat hari merdeka!

  5. Zurina: Awesome!! You're an example to every citizen!

    Vio: Make sure you do when you grow up!

    Trish: The embarrassment from political dramas are a teething pain.
    It happens when something new is starting to come out.
    From what I can see, this something new is something good which will bring our democracy up to a whole new level.

    FHM: Good!

  6. i'm with trish on this one. i used to be indifferent about the country's political affairs, but recent events just make me feel disgusted of it completely

  7. Anonymous3/9/09 00:12

    Agree with najibu and trish. But let us make a Malaysia circle among us and practice the life that we desire; the life that a Malaysian should walk on it.

  8. Najibu: I guess many of the young & educated are really disappointed... But this is still our country so we do have to do what is necessary for it's future.

    Warid: Yes, all of us forward thinking Malaysians will have to guard ourselves from falling of the path.

  9. selamat hari merderka koko teacher :)
    duit rayaa mana ? hahaa

  10. will our generation rise up to make a difference in our country? :) will we be able to? :)

  11. Anne: Awet muda-muda sekarang suda pandai minta duit ah?

    Glo: It's not a question of will we be able to.
    The question has always been are we willing to.


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