How To Make Your Examinor Adore You

Today, as I was marking Form 2 exam papers, I noticed that this particular girl had written something different on her answer sheet.
Everything else was written with a blue pen but one particular sentence at the bottom of the first page was written with a pencil.

"I'm sorry teacher because I cannot write this letter."

I couldn't help but imagine the look on this adorable adolescent girl's smooth face as she was writing this.
She was probably hiding her face in bashful embarrassment!

At that moment, I couldn't help but adore her & wish that I could hug her.

At the end of the day, I wrote an encouraging reply.

"At least you tried!"

When I evaluated her letter, I wanted to give her extra marks to further encourage her.
Then, I realised that I should actually be a cold professional...
So I gave her the measly 7 out of 30 marks that she deserved for a letter with the correct format but little substance.

For all the hard work I put in trying to educate her, her apology was actually quite apt.

Maybe it's time to penalise students who have not apologised!


  1. our country need teachers like you..not teachers just like robot(no feeling)..
    Then only we will have a better tomorrow.. ^^

  2. Anonymous13/8/09 19:21

    teachers like you can really make a change in the edu system . it's great encouragement but the students won't know their actual standards .

  3. so touching...nxt time when i can't do in exam, i'll write 'sorry teacher, i forgot the answer, please forgive me.'

  4. SzeWei: I'm glad that I'm not a robot! Thanks for the compliment!

    Vio: My students will definitely know their standards.
    I gave her the marks that she deserved & she will receive punishment or reward without prejudice.
    But I will also try to encourage her & get her to work harder for the next one.

    Alice: Then the whole school will know what a crybaby you are!

  5. She is blessed to have a compassionate teacher like you :)

  6. Aww baby. Wish I had YOU as my teacher! =D

    Keep on doing what you're doing now yea?


  7. Michelle: Thanks for the compliment!

    Trish: Sure will!

  8. Anonymous18/8/09 12:32

    Hihi~ I am back to blogspot.

    I did that before... Why i cant get marks???? Haiz...
    Different teacher different style....

  9. I didn't give her extra marks...
    Why do ppl think that I did?

    I feel for her but I have to be professional in giving marks.
    I gave her what she deserved.

  10. wahh..beshnye ade cikgu camnih..

  11. fyezura: Terima kasih! Transfer la ke sekolah saya!

  12. Anonymous2/9/09 23:16

    hei ahkamkoko..
    its really nice to have a teacher like u..
    when i cant answer the question,i just write ; sorry teacher,i have no idea..
    after that,maybe teacher will give the extra mark to give an encouragement to me..
    hei,cikgu IPBA ni macam bagus larr.

    - pmr candidates 2009 -

  13. I wonder if people who give me comments can even read & understand English...
    I felt for this child but I was indifferent when rewarding marks.


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