Can't Wait For This Week To Be Over

Holidays! Holidays! Holidays!
Futsal! Sleeping! Chilling! Movies! Shopping! Lazing!
No students! No duties! No cooking! No cleaning!
I can't wait for this week to be over!

All my life, I've looked forward to the holidays.
From childhood until adulthood I'm still in school!
Should I be ashamed of myself for not moving on to an office or courtroom?
That's a question for another blog post.
Right now, I'm all for the holidays!

It's the joy of doing whatever you want whenever you want.
The sweetness of freedom.
The freedom of choice.
It's all just a few days away!
I can't wait for this week to be over!

It's even more awesome that this 1 week holiday is adjacent to Merdeka day.
I get one extra day off! WOO!
I can foresee many teachers happily celebrating Merdeka day this year.
Everybody celebrates it in their own way.
As for me, I will celebrate it sleeping in bed.

After living on my own for half a year, I finally understand why some grown men still choose to live with their parents...
Because everything is provided!
The house is clean. The food is cooked. Everything is free!
I'm taken cared of when I go home...

To all the students & teachers out there, Happy Holidays!
To all my Muslim friends, Selamat Berpuasa!


  1. lol... once you reach at the hometown, make sure you go and do something big man...

  2. happy hols mr J. im in kk attending a course til thurs then another course in Pitas on friday...and m flying back to kl on sunday. yeeha! bazar ramadhan, here i come. hehe. u tk cre!


  3. Anonymous19/8/09 17:02

    happy holidays

    go on a vacation . all year you've been in school . won't you get bored of the four walls of the classroom / staffroom / etc ?

    go to thailand . get a massage . bang it with the trannies . lol

  4. another reason someone is so happy the hols is almost here: someone got someone coming over to visit hahahaha

    as for me, im excited coz ramadhan is almost here, so eid is almost here, so november is almost here so kevin will almost be home so i will be seeing him very soon wooohoo!

    a long time to go still, but we take what joy we can get. Hope youll hv a gd one!


  5. ZAM: Definitely!
    Fa: Oh, I miss Malay food! I miss Bazar Ramadan!
    Vio: I'm going to Indonesia to visit Mt Bromo. Gonna take pictures & chill out.
    No trannies for me!
    Tazz: YES!!!

  6. everyone is looking forward for too!! i wana go home and eat all my favourite food and watch tv whole day long..hoorraayyy!! happy holiday...

  7. That is RiGHT!
    HOME always the best!=D
    Enjoy your holidays!

  8. the picture is soo cute!! thanks jarod. somehow he looks like you haha

  9. Alice: HOOOORAY!!
    ShinYi: Thanks!
    Tasha: That means I'm cute too? =)

  10. Hey Koko!! Happy holidays to u!! Get some rest and go party!!! Have a kickass-lots-fun this holiday term, and take care there!! :D

  11. tnx for the wish txt.

    gambar itu cumel.

    njoy ur holiday too.

  12. Jessica: I will!!!
    Sayda: Thanks!


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