Song District Teachers Day @ SMK Katibas

This week, all schools are back at chalking & talking.
I bet many of you are very very depressed...

Why? Coz the next holiday is soooooo far away in August!!
Well, let me cheer you up by sharing with you one of the many joys of being in school...

This was how the 2009 Song District Teachers Day @ SMK Katibas was celebrated!
It was celebrated before the 2 week holiday.

Decorations were put up...
Students were dressed up...
All of them were lined up...
To welcome our guests.

The humble Dewan Sri Katibas played host to a large event.
Though small, it accommodated representatives from the PPD, representatives from every school in the Song district & even several longhouse heads.

There were speeches, an officiating, the slicing of a cake & a recital of the 'Ikrar Guru'.

There was also a choir by the teachers of SMK Katibas.
I didnt take any pictures of that because I took part in it.
We sang 'Kami Guru Malaysia' with compelling spirit.

Our award-winning dance troupe showcased their talents by dancing twice that day.
First, a Dayak dance.

Then, a Malay dance.

They trained very hard to perfect their moves & it shows!
Well done, guys!!

Finally, there was the after event main event: MAKAN!

In Malaysia...
If an event was great, but the makan bad = it's a bad event.
If an event was bad, but the makan great = it's still a great event!

Fortunately, our dewan makan operators were culinary magicians in disguise!
They whipped up a delicious storm of Chicken Curry, Beef Rendang, Tiger-Prawn Sambal, Vegetable Stir-fry & Fruit salad.
It was so good that I packed some of the leftovers for dinner!

Not Bad for an ulu school eh?

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