My Laptop Is Unwell

My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 6000.
It has followed me all the way to NZ & Australia, then back to KL & Kuching and now to where I work in Katibas.
During it's 3+ year life, it has endured all sorts of knocks & bumps without ever letting me down.
Today, to my surprise & dismay, it fell sick.

Earlier today, I opened it up to fix the faulty battery locking mechanism.
Once I put everything together again, it refused to boot.
When I press the 'on' button, the laptop springs to life but does not boot.
Instead, the 'Caps Lock' button flashes 10 times before it switches itself off.

I did everything I could to diagnose the problem...
but it seems my baby is going to need more specialised eyes & hands.
Therefore, I'm going to send it to a service centre.

Getting the laptop back in my hands again will take time because I work at a very secluded place.
I will leave it in the care of my parents until I can return to it. (Estimated time: 1 month)
If it is found to be irredeemable, I shall purchase a replacement.
Until then, I may not be able to read or write any blog posts.

Pray for my poor laptop!


  1. ahhh. can't imagine life without my laptop.. "-_-

    hope ur laptop gets well SOON!!!

  2. Awwww...hope your lappie gets well soon! ;)

  3. oh no mr.J..No updates? for a month?

    dear dell-y, get well soon.
    u tk cre too, jarod~


  4. hehehehe....
    i truly understand how u feel...
    be patient...
    ur baby will recover soon..
    or else, u shud buy new 1...

  5. Dell, it'll rise from the dead in no time~ Hopefully...i hv one here, listenin to ur story makes me wana jaga my baby even more. Should run Tuneup Utilities soon~ tc

  6. Anonymous21/6/09 14:30

    can you survive without blogging for a month ?

  7. A few weeks without email?


  8. Aww, don't worry too much koko, dell dear will get well as soon as possible, if not, u can get a new and better one right!
    Take care!! (",)wink~

  9. uh oh..i guess it't time... T_T start searching ur new babe! viao looks good! hehe...

    im still holding mine coz she's very good, never failed me at times i need her! n my dad just brought her to clinic yesterday for check up.she needs it sometimes.haha ;p

  10. Anonymous28/6/09 02:41

    buy a new one Jarod, you had your pay already.

  11. I got my laptop back!

    Apparently the RAM slot I have been using is faulty.
    Placing my RAM in the other slot fixed the problem.

    My laptop is working perfectly now!

  12. HAHah, your laptops working now? Thats good..But still, havent seen any updates. You must be busy then!
    Hope your well,

  13. My laptop is working perfectly now!
    Thanks for your concern!
    But I have a feeling that I'll get an upgrade next year!


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