Saturday, June 20

My Laptop Is Unwell

My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 6000.
It has followed me all the way to NZ & Australia, then back to KL & Kuching and now to where I work in Katibas.
During it's 3+ year life, it has endured all sorts of knocks & bumps without ever letting me down.
Today, to my surprise & dismay, it fell sick.

Earlier today, I opened it up to fix the faulty battery locking mechanism.
Once I put everything together again, it refused to boot.
When I press the 'on' button, the laptop springs to life but does not boot.
Instead, the 'Caps Lock' button flashes 10 times before it switches itself off.

I did everything I could to diagnose the problem...
but it seems my baby is going to need more specialised eyes & hands.
Therefore, I'm going to send it to a service centre.

Getting the laptop back in my hands again will take time because I work at a very secluded place.
I will leave it in the care of my parents until I can return to it. (Estimated time: 1 month)
If it is found to be irredeemable, I shall purchase a replacement.
Until then, I may not be able to read or write any blog posts.

Pray for my poor laptop!

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